30 September 2013

For the Love of Vintage Photos!

One of my fav from my collection
I believe this type of photograph is called
a "Carte de visite". This type of photography
was used prior to Cabinet Cards.
My love for antiques has always included photos, but I just recently began an antique photograph collection. My boyfriend and I went to Santa Cruz back in May which is were I found my first vintage photograph. There is a great Antique shop in downtown Santa Cruz called Mr. Goodie's Antiques & Collectibles that I have to visit each time I'm in the area. You could really spend hours in this store as it's packed with all kinds of antique goodies most of which are in great shape considering how old some of the pieces are. There are a ton of old photos at this shop, but this one in particular captivated me when I first saw it and I just knew I had to have it.

First vintage photo from my collection

I didn't really plan on collecting old photos after my initial purchase, but today I found a few photos that I just couldn't leave behind and I had to share! Enjoy! :)

I believe this type of photograph is called a
"Cabinet Card"

Up close shot of the mat

Back of the above photo, because almost the
entire back of it is covered with the photographer's
information I believe this photo is from 1888-1900.

"Jan. 57"

Looks like the CA State Capital
Believe this photo is from the 50's as well.

Aerial Shot

Aerial Shot

Island Life

Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I do! :)

Until next time friends...Cheers!!!

<3 Noonie

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