25 September 2013

Art in Progress aka Sneak Peaks!

In progress..
"Sea of Tears"

I've been experimenting a lot lately with mixed mediums and mediums I've never used before to create art. I'm currently working on a collage/painted piece and have recently started using water color on top of sun prints I've created and I'm really diggin' the outcome. I'm also currently working on a glass "flower" that I'm creating using glass plates which has been fun to put together.

Watercolor on a  map of NY sun print

 I've still got a bag full of other art projects just waiting to get started including a mandala piece that I'm eventually planning on painting on a friend's bedroom wall, which should be awesome. I'd never heard of a mandala before but after some research I've become quite intrigued by the whole meaning behind them, which is that of spiritual self healing by way of creating a mandala. I plan on creating a mandala painting either for myself or to sell but definitely have some ideas up my sleeve for both the wall painting and the canvas painting ;)

Sketchin' mandalas for
my next project

Experimenting with Elmer's glue to create
a "crackle" effect
I've been really enjoying this surge of inspiration that hit me out of no where and I hope it continues to flow! 

Can't wait to show you the finished projects :)
Until next time..cheers!