03 September 2013

Pandora's Box of Art Mediums..Collage

"Prisoner from Within"
Medium: Collage
Pandora's box has been opened. I've been experimenting a ton lately with different art mediums I typically don't use, such as the sun printing,driftwood and twine, and most recently collage. Experimenting with different mediums has lead to an explosion of art making, and my pretty dining room table has paid the price. I do have a studio in my home but some how always end up at the dining room table as it's a huge space and the area is very bright.

About a week ago Nelli and I had a conversation about "emotional/spur of the moment" type of art and about how we both really liked it. Nelli then posed a question to me "why don't you do more art like that?". I had done a few "emotional/spur of the moment" paintings in the past, but had not done any in quite some time. She then told me "well I know someone who has had an emotional year and that maybe they should try it.". Boy was she right.

Our conversation was in the back of my mind for the rest of the week that was up until a few days ago. The sun had gone down which meant no more sun printing. But I still wanted to do some kind of creating, that paired with boredom lead me to start cutting up magazines. I have had this one idea floating around in my head for a while, and I finally wanted to do something with it. A collage it would be.

I had never created a collage before but I have always admired them. My imagination just kind of took over and next thing I know there's a collage sitting in front of me, not one but three. Now this "idea I had floating around in my head" was something that I feel sometimes, like a prisoner in my own body. You could say it does not like to cooperate with me a lot of the time and I wanted to show this idea artistically. This prisoner in my own body concept is visualized by the women s' eyes having "bars" on them, trapped. The concept can also been seen in a few other areas of the pieces, but alas I can't share them all because where's the fun in that? ;) I don't typically do such "dark" or "creepy" work as it's been called (which to me is funny) but I wanted to do something different. That "emotional/spur of the moment" type art.

 I really enjoyed creating a "darker" piece as almost all of my art is lighter and happier, but life isn't all about ponies and rainbows I guess. Ha. Using different mediums has opened me up, and I feel it has taken me to the next level artistically. I'm really happy with the results of this "experiment" and definitely plan on doing some more collages and darker pieces in the future.

                                               Here's to taking it to the next level! Cheers! :)

Medium: Collage

"Year 1: Thin Bars"
Medium: Collage

"Unbearable Oppression"
Medium: Magazine & Sharpie