30 September 2013

Sleep No More

I've had the pleasure of experiencing "Sleep No More" the play which takes place at the McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea.

If you haven't heard of it, you should! (Especially if you live in NYC)
Essentially, Sleep No More is an interactive play in which the audience is part of the production. It takes place in a 5+ story building, and the entire building is the stage. You, the audience, are free to frolic about the building at your whim and are encouraged to be bold and do what you feel in the moment. The actors are in these same spaces and act out the play Macbeth. You may be standing in a room and in run the actors who subsequently perform their scenes. You can react, follow, or disappear... Whatever tickles your fancy.

Recently I had my second experience of SNM, and might I say the second time was more fun than the first! I saw rooms I'd not viewed the first time, and scenes I had missed before. However the best part for me was involving personal skits with the actors. In this performance actors will grab members of the audience and act out a unique skit with them in a private room, and I was lucky enough to do it twice! 
I felt so honored. 

On the way out Gallow Green handed out fresh fruit pop cycles, which were both delicious and a surprising treat!

A few tips for your evening, should you choose to embark on this journey...
- grab a drink at Gallow Green (before or after)
- wear comfortable shoes
- separate from your friends
- be bold
- be adventurous
- be curious