07 September 2013

22 Tompson

One of my favorite pastimes in NYC is to go for a walk.
Aside from it being one of the best ways to travel, it provides exercise, and allows me to see a variety of urban landscapes. Every neighborhood, every block, every lot has a unique history and walking past some of these structures allows me to see a glimpse into its past.

This particular morning I had just finished grabbing coffee with my Aunt and was killing time before I went into brooklyn to meet up with some girl friends. I stumbled down a street which I had never experienced before and found this beauty (see below). Every time I walk around the city I attempt to take a different path, turn down a street I've never seen, or pay attention to a lot I've never noticed.

I encourage everyone to vary from their routine and try a different path, you'll be surprised at what you find by changing something as small as one street.