02 February 2014

Artist State of Mind: Victoria

 Meet Victoria

I have been following Victoria's blog, Vintage Makeup for some time now and she recently helped me date some of my vintage makeup pieces which I wrote about here. She is not only familiar with dating vintage makeup pieces, but she is also a makeup artist, an artist (she draws), and a photographer!! Talk about a lady of many talents!!
BSOM: What are your creative outlets?

Victoria: As for makeup it seemed to start when I was 13, and progressed from there. It started with basic stuff, and when I turned 16 I started to try out crazier makeup like full face character makeup skulls, zombies, I even did duck makeup once. I like to do out of the norm makeup because over time I found smokey eyes, and winged eyeliner a little boring.

 "Starry Eyed"

 "Shadow Saturday"

As for photography I started taking pictures when I was 14, just nature shots very regularly up until now.

^^A few of her nature shots :)

After I turned 18 I started volunteering at an animal shelter because I loved animals and someone from there saw some of my photography. Eventually I became the head photographer for that place. The photos I take are featured on the shelter's Dog Rescue Facebook page, the official shelter Facebook page and PetFinder. One photo I took which I'm very proud of is one that went viral and got attention from people all over the world asking about this cute little lab puppy that was up for adoption in the photo!

^^Some of her co-workers! :)

BSOM: What creative medium would you love to pursue but haven't yet?

Victoria: Watercolors! I love watercolor paintings, but I absolutely can't paint for the life of me. Drawing always worked for me because of the attention to detail, but painting is almost opposite, it doesn't quite look right until you take a step away.

BSOM: Who is your favorite artist?

Victoria: I'm actually not very into art as a general thing, like artists and paintings or even famous pieces of art. So it's hard to say a favorite artist etc because all of this (drawing) was really self taught & for fun.

BSOM: What's your favorite subject matter to draw? 

Victoria: Definitely animals! There's so much depth in an animals eyes, and I feel you can even tell what kind of personality that animal has. Dogs mostly, but yes, I think all animals have their own individual quirks even pigeons.

BSOM: Do you create art more for yourself or for others to enjoy? 
(In regards to your drawing) 

Victoria: It would for sure have to be for others to enjoy! I really prefer giving away my drawings as opposed to keeping them for myself. I always keep a scan of everything I draw for my own records, but I think it has much more meaning when given away. It's also a great feeling to see that person display your artwork in their home or even office. In a way it's like a gift that keeps on giving when others notice the art, and ask about it or compliment it both for me and the person I gifted it to.

BSOM: Is there a purpose to your artwork?
Victoria: For me it (drawing) was for fun, and developed into me becoming better over time to the point where it was good enough that people really liked my drawings & now I draw for friends as gifts. The only thing I do seriously are the photos for the shelter because sometimes a photo is the difference between life & death for some of the dogs.

 **Saving Animals Lives One Photo @ A Time!**
BIG thanks and shout out to Victoria for her contribution to this blog!! 

P.S. Victoria works hard on her craft please don't use any of her photos without her permission!

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Until next time friends...Cheers!!!