15 February 2014

Artist State of Mind: Chad |Animator|

I'm not exactly sure how long I've been following Chad, on Vine that is. But I can tell you I am thoroughly impressed by each and everyone of his Vines! Chad is the first Vine artist I contacted about doing a feature on this blog because 1) He's a super talented artist and 2) I have always been really interested in animation, especially since joining Vine! Chad is one of the best animators that you will find on Vine, and as all great artists do, he makes every video look so effortless! I was definitely stoked when I got an email back from him saying he'd do this feature! So without further adieu...
Meet Chad

BSOM: What artist do you feel has influenced or inspired you the most?

Chad: I've always loved Frank Frazetta. I got a book of his art for Christmas when I was pretty young and loved it. I just did a Vine of his character called "The Death Dealer".

^^I loved how he (Frazetta) would do realistic, detailed sections and quite the opposite in the same image. He would also do realistic paintings and comic book style drawings of the same characters. 

^^ This book showed him developing a character more and more with many quick sketches leading up to larger paintings.

 ^^I love all of his images of the death dealer and I just had to animate him on Vine.
BSOM: What types of art do you prefer?

Chad: I love surrealism. I love that moment when your looking at something and your brain kinda struggles to compute it.

BSOM: When you first began creating art, what medium did you experiment with first?

Chad: Probably like most kids I started out doodling in the margins of my notebooks with pencil. I remember getting in trouble in middle school for drawing in a book. I really thought I was improving it. Oh and of course (drawing) in the fog on the windows in the car. 

BSOM: What is your favorite medium to use + why?

Chad: I love pencils because you don't have to hold back u can just erase. 

BSOM: What creative medium would you love to pursue but haven't yet?

Chad: Paints. In middle school art we did the color wheel. We had to make a color wheel starting with red, blue , and yellow paints. I kept handing it in to the teacher thinking it was perfect, she would give me a weird look and tell me to start over. After a few frustrating days of this, we had hearing and vision tests in the nurses office. I went back to art with a note saying I was colorblind, which was news to me. When I handed it to the teacher laughed and said "ooooh duh! I'm sorry Chad go on to the next assignment."

 I have had some battles with color as an artist and have spent a lot of time avoiding it. The problem is I can paint something going for realism, and get it looking great for me. But when I show it to someone else, they'll say why is that THAT color? I can try to fix it but I'll get frustrated. One of my goals is to apply what I've learned from other areas of my life. I need to not fight with the colors I'm mixing but just have fun with them and see where it leads. I may have to tell those who see it I'm colorblind what you see is what you get. Who knows it might be neat for a "normal color spectrum seer". I've never been too into abstract but that may be a good place for me to start this colorful journey. 

BSOM: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Chad: A lot of times it comes from my inner emotions. I have been lucky enough to have some spiritually awakening experiences like sensing energy and spirits around me. These experiences made me a very meditative person. I can often be overwhelmed with other peoples negative energy and had to teach myself to shield in certain situations or I could become depressed or even sick. In today's society most people don't really understand when you start a conversation like that. I would often express those things through art. If you follow my art on Vine you could probably learn what's going on inside me by my subject matter and how I choose to show it. One day flowers or butterflies, the next blood and darkness. I do like to be unpredictable on Vine that's part of the fun for me. But when I post something dark, I'm processing dark energy within, at least that's how I feel. If you see me post something you might call "pretty", you can say that I'm content. Not that my dark side isn't content, I enjoy the contrast.

BSOM: How long have you been consciously creating art? 

Chad: I was one of those little kids who would scribble on the walls with crayons. I believe when a kid does that (unless they are just being a brat) it is their divinity coming out. If God truly created us in his image, you would expect creativity to be part of it. I think when your sitting and creating art, you're in one of your purest forms, seeking to bring something new into this world.

BSOM: Are you a self taught artist? Or did you start out taking art classes?

Chad: Mostly self taught but at 29, I'm really starting to want some art education to take myself to the next level. 

BSOM: The way you capture lighting is amazing! Did you naturally posse this skill or is it something you have been working on over time?

Chad: Since I hardly use color, I take a lot of time to add depth with shading, but first you have to visualize every way the light effects the image. 

BSOM: How has your work developed through the years? Where did you start?

Chad: I started before I can remember. Truthfully it was Vine that got me back into it again. The first portrait request I got, I thought are they nuts I don't do portraits. Now each one I do I can feel my skills improving and it becoming more natural. If you went back to my first Vine and worked your way up, you would probably notice some development.

 ^^ Guess who?!!! ME!! 
Chad was so kind as to surprise me with this animation!! :)
BSOM: Where are you now? Where do you see your art going?/Where do you want it to go?

Chad: My only wish is to be able to make a living being creative. Every day my confidence grows and I feel it getting closer. 
BSOM: How has your art changed over time?

Chad: It used to be for fun, now it's more about building a future.

BSOM: Does your art shape you? Or do you shape your art? (just want to your opinion)

Chad: When your creating art, you're usually in a meditative state. In turn you are changed by the process so I would say both.
BSOM: Do you have any other creative outlets?

Chad: I love music, played guitar in a band after high school but when the other members couldn't get along it fell apart. I lost interest for just long enough to forget a lot of what I knew. By the time I picked up a guitar again I wasn't so good anymore and had no time to relearn. 
BSOM: Have you ever suffered from artist block? If so how did you get past it?

Chad: I like to relax and observe the natural world, finding beauty in the smallest, unlikeliest of places, it usually inspires me. 

BSOM: Do you create art more for yourself or for others to enjoy?

Chad: I do it for myself, if others like it it's a great bonus and feels great.

BSOM: Is there a purpose to your artwork?

Chad: I'm just driven to do it like it's part of me. I guess most artists would understand that.

BSOM: What's your favorite subject matter?

Chad: Women. At least to look at. As far as my art I like to change it up. I do have one sketchbook almost full of eyes.

BSOM: Are you currently working on any projects? If not, do you have anything in mind for your next  piece?

Chad: Vine has me working on multiple things at a time. If I have an idea I like to get a little start on it, it's the best way to remember my vision.

BSOM: What has been your favorite experience as an artist?

Chad: Vine has been amazing, getting reactions right away from all over the world. It's like an artists' dream.

BSOM: Do you have a favorite art gallery?

Chad: Unfortunately I haven't been to any since I was a kid.

BSOM: Do you have a favorite art blog you'd like to shout out?

Chad: Didn't know of any till now :)

BSOM: Which social network has been the most successful for promoting your art?

Chad: Vine definitely, and it hasn't even caught on yet, at least not here in Denver. My main goal when I started using Vine was to come out of my shell and connect with people. I've come a long ways, but socializing in vine comments gets tedious.
BSOM: If you could see any piece, that you haven't seen before, in person which piece would it be?

Chad: Impossible to decide...all of them. Lol

BSOM: If you could only look at one piece of art for the rest of your life, what piece would it be?

Chad: This one. A Frazetta piece called "The Moon's Rapture". One piece for the rest of my life? Gotta have a woman in it lol. 

BSOM: If you could meet any artist from any period of time who would it
be? What would you ask them?

Chad: Michelangelo, I would ask him if there are any tricks for mixing skin tones for a colorblind man.

BSOM: Any advice or words of wisdom for fellow artists?

Chad: Keep going. If you wish you were better at something keep doing it and doing it.

BIG thanks and shout out to Chad for his contribution to this blog!!

Want to see more of Chad's work?!
Deviant Art

 Until next time friends...Cheers!!!

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