12 February 2014

Puttin' All Your Eggs in a Basket

I know a lot of you out there have had this next dish I am about to talk about. But I thought I'd touch on the subject anyways because 1) it's delicious, and 2) there may be a few people out there who have never seen or tried it so here we go..."Egg in the Basket" is one of the many names this dish goes by.

I've been eating this dish ever since I was a kid, because like I said it's delicious, easy to make and only requires a couple of ingredients. I typically eat it for breakfast, but really it's one of those universal dishes that can be eaten any time of day whether for a meal or for a snack really.

As I mentioned this blog is aimed mostly at those who have never head of an egg in the basket or eaten one etc. which is why I'm including this... (But hold on you experienced "egg in a basket" makers + eaters I've got something for you too)

Egg in a Basket 
Prep Time: A minute?
Cook Time: 2-3 mins depending on
how you like your egg cooked

Whatcha Need
*Slice of bread
*Salt + Peppa
*Frying pan

-Throw a little butter in your pan, let it melt
-While it's melting cut a 1" hole into your bread, I found that using a shot glass
is the easiest/best way to get the right size hole
-Throw both pieces of your bread in the pan
-Add your egg in the middle, season and cook to your liking
-Serve solo or alongside some other breakfasty foods such as hash browns or bacon

This dish can be made other ways too, although I haven't tried any of these here are a few more options...
* Use a bagel or waffle instead of a piece of bread
* You can bake this dish instead of frying (my "healthy" tip for this recipe)
* Add cheese on top or add a little garlic to your eggs..the possibilities are endless!

So maybe you have had these before? Well I betcha don't know these fun facts about 'em! (Don't feel bad I didn't know either until I did a little research for this blog)

--No one knows where this dish originated, but a big thanks to whoever created it!
--This dish goes by many names such as a "Bird in a Hole", a "Frog in a Basket", a "Toad Hole", just to name a few. Quite interesting right?!
--This dish made one of it's first appearances on film back in 41 called "Moon Over Miami". It can most recently be spotted in one of my favorite movies "V for Vendetta", when V serves it to Natalie Portman's character after he has kidnapped her.

I am literally going to go make one of these bad boys right now. 
After all this talk of them I'm starving!!

Until next time friends...Cheers!