10 February 2014

Nelli + Noonie's Trip to the Bay

Stinson Beach Sunset 12/14

Nelli touched upon the little day trip we took when she came home for Christmas in her blog North Bay. I simply wanted to share a few of the pics + videos (videos were shot using Vine) I had taken from our little getaway, you know put my two cents in. :) Nelli and I hadn't gone on a road trip since she moved to New York which made it even more memorable. We had a good ol' time on this venture of ours stopping in Bodega Bay, soaking up Stinson Beach, dinner in Sausalito it was definitely a fun filled day which went by waaay too quick! Yes time really does fly when you're having fun.

Clips from the road, on our way to Bodega Bay. We drove thru a couple of reaally cute little towns, I believe one of them was Duncan Mills,CA which had a historic looking downtown area. We didn't end up stopping to check it out but it's definitely one place I'd like to explore sometime in the future.

Overlook of one of Bodega Bay's beaches

Bodega Bay waters in action!

Clips from the road, on our way to Stinson Beach!

"Through the Trees"

Stinson Beach,CA

Stinson Beach in action!

Nelli video bombing! :)

This shot was a gem to capture! I've been to Stinson many times but it was the first time I've ever seen anyone riding a horse on the beach! Very surreal moment.

Nelli's momma let her borrow her car for our venture which made it all the more fun as it was a convertible! Livin' that California dream! Anyways I thought the "push to star"' feature was awesome so of course I had to record it. This video looks really cool when viewing it through Vine because it loops which adds a fun effect.

So glad Nelli had an opportunity to get away that day, definitely a day for the books! :)

Until next...Cheers!!