11 February 2014

Happy 100th + A Giveaway

Happy 100th to BSOM!

When we started BSOM (only a few months ago) Noonie and I were both going through some rough times; we needed both an outlet as well as a direction. This little blog has helped me immensely. I was verging on depression last year with everything that was happening in my life: school was ending, I had no direction in life, didn't know what I would be doing for work, where I wanted to live, didn't think anyone cared about me, and of course was sad that I was single. 
In a matter of months that all changed!
Get inspired! That was my mission with the blog. To figure out who I am, where I was, and where I am going, and reuniting with the artistic realm. I've been able to do all of this (but I am not completely sure how)!
I am happy to be graduated,
I have a rekindled love of art + re-inspired,
I realized that I have many friends + family who love me,
I'm happy to be single, it has given me time to learn about ME,
My physical location will work itself out,
and most important, I am content with where I am in life.
I realized that I do not need a goal for every minute of the day, that I can enjoy life and do not need to be measured by my accomplishments, rather I can be judged for who I am. I will find a job when the right one comes along, I have open arms to new friends, and I will find love when it happens. There is no reason to force these things into your life. Besides when you force them in, they never quite fit.

Lastly, I want to say a giant THANK YOU to my favorite Skankity Noonie for embarking on this blog adventure with me! 
O.M.G.!!! HAPPY 100TH Post!

As it has been for Nelli, this little blog of ours has had a bigger influence on me than previously expected. When we first started this blog I, as Nelli, needed some inspiration and direction to get my creative fire roaring again. I have always enjoyed creating but this blog has pushed my creativity to a new level with both my art, and my cooking as it's forced me to go outside of my "norm", from trying new mediums artistically, to experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen. My motivation for all of this being I wanted to try new things so I would (will) have new and exciting things to report back about to all of you fine folks. Pushing the limits with my creativity has resulted in me learning more about what I like/don't like which has lead to a possible change of mind in what I plan to pursue with my future. I knew the point of this blog was to inspire me, but I had no idea of the impact it was going to make, or will make for that matter. So although this may be a little ol' blog floating around in the sea of the Internet it's Nelli and I's little ol' blog, and I know it's influenced us in more ways than either of us can put into words. On another note, I took a sneak peak at Nelli's part of this blog (which I honestly never do, as I like to read her posts as they come just as all of you do), but I also wanted to thank you my favoritest skankity for suggesting we do this blog to begin with! It has been quite a fun time so far and I can't wait to see what else there is to come for both of us on our journey of BSOM!

As we mentioned earlier, we wanted to thank you for joining us on this journey and as a token of our appreciation we wanted to do our first giveaway...

The prize?! Well you've already seen it! (Look above) It's a watercolor piece Noonie painted! We've made it pretty simple to enter this giveaway...all you have to do is send us an email to bicoastalstateofmind@gmail.com with the subject line: "Enter me to win!" please include your name in the body of the email :) Pretty easy right?! We appreciate you our readers and wish you all the best of luck to win!! Limit of one entry per person to keep the playing field even ;) We will be sending out the prize by mail!

 Deadline for Entry: 2/19/13