10 January 2014

For the Love of Antiques UPDATE!

Victoria confirmed my estimated date on
this compact being from the 1940s

"The Elgin compact I'd definitely guess 40s...because of the shape, and also since it is Elgin brand they were most popular mid-late 40s and after that the brand seemed to phase out."-Victoria, Vintage Makeup

I have shared my love of antiques in the past, and blogged about it earlier last year. You can find my original "For the Love of Antiques" blog here. I was unsure of the dates of a few of my vintage makeup compacts and lipsticks despite my Internet research, that was until I spoke with a fellow blogger, Victoria, who is the founder of the blog Vintage Makeup! She was so kind as to drop some knowledge on me regarding a timeline as to when she believes my vintage compacts/lipsticks were made, and I just had to share!!

Victoria dated this square compact from the 1940s because "of the compact type, there were still square compacts in the 40s of course, but design wise they were a little different looking."

This compact was dated by Victoria as being from the 1950s "because it seemed compacts then started to be more colorful and (had) less engraved detail."

"As far as the lipstick tubes I would guess 1950s because that's when they seemed to get more detailed/decorated, and bigger. In the 40s & 30s the tubes were mostly a bit more plain and more bullet like. However if the gold one is Revlon brand it could be as early as 1940s"-Victoria

Big shout out and thanks to Victoria from Vintage Makeup!! Go check out her awesome blog Vintage Makeup to see even more vintage makeup as well as beauty product reviews! :)