02 January 2014

"We Evolve"

He's kind of a darker character, Bukowski that is, Charles Bukowski. But there's no denying his poetic talent. If you haven't read 'im I suggest you do so. I wanted to share one of my favorite poems of his, just to give ya a taste. This poem can be found in his book "Dangling in the Tournefortia".

at first it seems like fucking is the big thing,
then after that-social consciousness,
then intellectual accomplishment,
and then after that
some fall into religion
others into the arts.
after that begins the gathering of money
and after the gathering of money
the stage where we pretend that
money doesn't matter.
then it's health and hobbies,
travel, and finally just sitting around
thinking vaguely of vague things,
rooting in gardens
hating flies, noise, bad weather, snails,
rudeness, the unexpected, new neighbors,
old friends, drunks, smoking, fucking,
singing, dancing, upstarts,
the postman and weeds.
it gives one the fidgets: waiting on

I warned ya.