08 January 2014

Freshest Fried Mushrooms

Best fried mushrooms I've ever had!

I've had 'im a million times. You've had them a million times (or maybe not), but that's besides the point. I'm talking about fried mushrooms! And although I've eaten them quite a few times over the years I had yet to make them, that was until last night. What initially inspired me to make these little fried treats was the fact that we had 1/2 a carton of fresh mushrooms on hand, remnants  from stews past, and they were going to go bad if I didn't use them asap.

As I said before I had never made fried mushrooms prior to last night and after a quick little Google search I had a basic recipe in mind. We typically always have Italian bread crumbs on hand as I use them often in my meatloaves and meatballs, and the other ingredients are basic items most people already have on hand, which is why I really liked this recipe. That and it took about 10 minutes to make these, and I didn't have to sacrifice oven space in order to make them (as the oven was occupied with our steak broiling).

Here's what I did...keep in mind I didn't follow the quantities of the recipes I looked at to a tea, I just kind of winged it as it's a pretty basic recipe.

Home Made Fried Mushrooms
Prep Time: 5 mins or less
Cook Time: 5 mins

Fresh Mushrooms
Bread Crumbs
1-2 Eggs, beaten
2-3 T. Oil of your choice

Basic Idea:
Slice your (washed + dried) mushrooms in quarters
Dip in flour, tapping off excess
Dip mushrooms in eggs
Dip in breadcrumbs
Lay mushrooms on a plate, let them sit for a few minutes
While mushrooms set get your oil warmed up
Fry mushrooms 2-3 minutes per side
Let them cool for a few mins
Enjoy with your favorite sauce! 
(I love mine with ranch)
Note: I suggest only dipping a few mushrooms at a time 
so they do not break.

Gettin' them ready to dip

Dipping station: Flour, eggs, bread crumbs

Letting them sit so they will soak up
the eggs + bread crumbs

I'm so excited I'm finally able
to post videos! :D

So delicious! Can be served as an
appetizer, side or even as a snack ;)

These mushrooms were seriously the best fried mushrooms I've ever eaten as they were soo fresh tasting! You just really can't beat good ol' fashion home cookin'! Can't suggest it enough! And for those of you out there who are trying to avoid fried foods, I'm sure these mushrooms could be baked instead of fried using the same recipe (although I have yet to try that myself). One could probably also use olive oil instead of vegetable oil to make it a little healthier.

Nelli, as well as another girlfriend of mine Nita, are both very conscious healthy clean eaters, and they both  have inspired me to try to think outside of the box in ways to change recipes to make them healthier or "cleaner" (for lack of a better word). For this reason I thought from now on I will try to add little tips at the end of all of the recipes I post on how to maybe modify the recipe to make it healthier/cleaner in honor of my clean eater friends :)

UPDATE: These little suckers reheat great!! Had some leftovers, just threw them back in some hot oil and they tasted just as delicious as they did they first night I made them!

Until next time..cheers and happy eatin'!