18 January 2014

Tour de Jewelry Boxes

As Nelli and I are quite opposite from one another (in a variety of aspects) I thought it would be fun to collaborate on a topic that exemplifies our differences,  perhaps at the smallest detail. So, what better than our jewelry boxes, the things we use daily to personify our ensemble, simple and fun. We have yet to see each others jewelry boxes, so fun for one will be fun for all!

Let the blogoration begin!

I have had a jewelry box of some sort of another ever since I was a kid, it was constantly evolving as I matured getting more sophisticated, you could say, as I got older. I still have every single one of those jewelry boxes, although I did have to dig pretty deep into the back of my closet to find them!

I dare to say this was my
first jewelry box ever
Remnants of sticker residue, my "Joke Stuff" drawer, and random Easter stickers. I was always a prankster as a kid which explains the "Joke Stuff" drawer. It's crazy how long that taped up piece of paper has been on this jewelry box.

The butterfly jewelry box was given to me as a gift for Christmas one year, I think I was about 12 or 13 years old.

This more "grown up" looking jewelry box was also given to me as a Christmas gift after I had outgrown the butterfly one. I think I was about 15 or 16 when I was given this one.

I bought this crown jewelry stand when I was about 22 or 23 years old. It was originally a shade of light pink when I first bought it, but I painted it to suit my taste a little better.

 But enough of the past let's talk about the present. Here is it....

I bought this jewelry box for myself last year. I use it in addition to both the crown stand, and the wooden jewelry box as I have my jewelry somewhat sorted into different types, that and none of my jewelry boxes are large enough to hold all of my jewelry. It's kind of a nontraditional jewelry box, as I don't believe it was "intended" to be used as a jewelry box, but it has worked out nicely for me! Not only is it unique but I love how it's made of glass, and how the design shimmers on it.

Let's take a closer look..

Love the designs
My treasures :)

As it is kind of a smaller box, I only keep jewelry that I wear often in it as well as a few other odds and ends which I will get to in a moment.

Thought I would share my favorite, frequently worn pieces :)

These are a few of my favorite things <3
If you can't tell I'm somewhat of an anchor collector! Top left is my favorite watch of all time which I purchased at a flea market, as well as some silver stud earrings I got from Target, and an anchor necklace my mom bought me a couple years ago for Valentine's Day. Top right is my favorite gold watch that my boyfriend bought for me a year or so ago, some gold stud earrings that I purchased years ago, and my favorite bracelet of all time a metal skull one that Nelli gave to me last Christmas :) Bottom left is an anchor ring and earrings set my mom gave me earlier this year. Bottom right red sparkly earrings my boyfriend bought me, a watch I bought in Reno last year, and as ring I purchased at the State Fair last year :)

Okay so the little odds and ends I was telling you about earlier...

Few handy things I keep in my jewelry box..a silver polishing cloth, fancy hair pins, a ring snuggie, safety pin, and extra earring backings..caz you gotta stay prepared! I like to collect old dollar bills and coins, which I also keep in my jewelry box, as well as a few keep sake souvenirs from trips I've taken :) It's the little things that count. But enough from me for now...Nelli...

Unlike Miss Noonie, I have my jewelry scattered all over the place.
Everything in my life is typically clean and tidy so jewelry is the one place my life deviates from that.

I keep my necklaces clean and tidy (organized by length) on my wall. Its a simple clean design for your necklaces. I took 6 nails spaced them equally beside one another and lined them up with the top of my mirror. This way when I'm getting ready in the morning I can throw on a necklace easily + they don't get tangled.

The rest of my jewelry resides in a drawer. The pieces I wear most often are thrown in there for easy access (along with my sunglasses, gloves, makeup, wine key, and other odds + ends). The jewelry I don't frequently wear are inside of these small aluminum tins. I acquired these tins when I was about 10 years old from my aunt. They had super-heros on them, and I being a little girl was not a fan. My dad helped me spray paint them black, then I decorated them with nail polish. Each day when I look at these I remember the creative little girl I once was.

Junk Drawer
Necklace Wall
Childhood Creation
Favorite Pieces

1. Silver Rose + Amethyst
2. Puka Shell Earings
3. Vintage Gold Avon Ring
4. Gold + Navy Skeleton bracelet
5. Black Pearl Necklace
6. Pearls

Until next time friends..cheers!!!