13 January 2014


(very fitting right?!)

I might have already mentioned this, but I'll say it again. Ever since Nelli and I's New Years "Resolutions" blog I have been diligently working on sticking to my resolutions, especially the one to create more! I have been brainstorming up a cloud over in here Cali in an effort to bring this blog new ideas and material and there have been a couple of "Eureka" moments including the one I'm about to divulge.

I follow quite a few different blogs, all varying in subject matter. Although they do vary in topics a few of them do have something in common that is, they often feature fellow bloggers, artists, etc. I love the idea of featuring other people's work as I know it really inspires me as I'm sure it does others. I truly enjoy these features and interviews because you get to learn about the different processes people use to create their work, or what inspires them etc. Getting a glimpse into the minds of other artists and people has always fascinated me which is why I'm drawn to these features and interviews. As I am an artist, they inspire me artistically as they push me to think outside of the box from trying new mediums, to experimenting with ones I have used before. I just can't fully describe the inspiration I do get from picking other people's brains, especially artists.

Up until now I have satisfied my urge to learn about other artists (and people for that matter), and their processes through other people's blogs, movies etc. Besides talking to friends of mine that are artists, and on one occasion interviewing a few artists for a school project, I have always just read about individual artists' processes through other people's eyes never my own. But that my friends, is about to change.

It's time to do the groundwork myself. I want to share other people's work through my eyes, and share my twist on things as I too would like to inspire someone else out there in the world. We here in Cali have some talented artists, and I want to share them with you. For this reason we here on BSOM will begin to do features to showcase other people's work! I'm not just talking about people who specifically call themselves artists either! There is art to be found in many things, whether it's an awesome photograph someone took, or a delicious meal someone cooked, there is an art element to! This is why we will not only be featuring people who call themselves "artists", because anyone can be an artist in my book, even if they are hesitant to call themselves one.

I can't begin to say how excited I am to start this series of features, and I welcome any and all feedback! There are so many different avenues I can see this going, and I welcome you all to join in on this adventure! We are looking for "Artists" of all kinds to feature on our blog! Whether you're an artist, cook, etc. we want to see your work! As I said we are looking for all kinds of "art"! Take a cool photograph of a famous local sight? Send it to us! Maybe you saw some cool graffiti on the walk you took today, take a picture and send it our way! Cooked a delicious meal or have an old family recipe you want to share? Send it to us! 
We can be reached by email at bicoastalstateofmind@gmail.com
We are open to any and all ideas, and look forward to see what you have to show us! 

We are still working out some details of these features. As of the moment I am creating a set of interview questions which I plan on using for all artist features, although we will be mixing it up from time to time. I like the idea of set questions as it's always interesting to me to see how different people react to the same scenario, and I think it really brings out the personality of each individual. As I mentioned we are planning on featuring a variety of different people and works but still have a lot of legwork ahead. As of right now I will be mainly focusing on featuring a few artists I personally know, and will be expanding the features to others and their work as soon as I've got the hang of this.

I just notified my personal friends, as well as a few fellow art bloggers of this new venture of ours last night, and I've already gotten some positive feedback, as well as a few interviews already lined up!! In fact you've already seen 1 piece of art (look up) by artist Cynthia Haase, a fine artist, whose going to be featured on an upcoming blog of ours! Please go check out her blog here, and be on the look out for her upcoming interview and artist showcase right here on BSOM! 

 I know people are just as excited about this new adventure as we are and we can't wait to show you what we've got! So here goes nothin'!! Things are heatin' up over here at BSOM and we can't wait to show ya what we're cookin' up!!

Until next time friends!! Cheers!!