24 January 2014

Clean Eatin' Cookies

Uhm..yes please!

I typically never buy premade cookie dough, as I'd rather make the dough myself. But when I saw "Immaculate's Chocolate Chunk Non GMO" cookie dough I just had to try them! What initially caught my attention about these cookies was the packaging to be honest, but what made me actually pick them up was the fact that they are GMO free. If you don't know GMO stands for genetically modified organism. The topic of GMOs is vast, and does require and deserve a blog all of it's own. Be on the look out for that one to come sometime soon!

Check out this awesome brand's website
for more information!

Okay so back to the cookies. As I mentioned what initially caught my mind about the cookies was the packaging, and as the cookies were baking I took a closer look.

This is an actual piece of art by....

Artist feature

Of course the fact that they have a piece of art, and information about the artist made me love this cookie brand even more! Not to mention the cookies were super delicious!! I do feel bad hyping these cookies up, as I forget to take a single picture of the finished product, but rest assured they are delicious!! You can find these bad boys at your local Raley's!

Until next time..cheers!!