21 January 2014

Promote YOUR Work!

"Seeing Red"
Artist: Myself
Medium: Acrylic Paint

I tried a new breakfast spot today. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was all of the art work hanging on the walls, many of which was for sale. That little detail is what inspired this blog. As an artist one of the first places you would think to promote your art work would a gallery, of course. But there are so many different avenues out there that an artist may easily overlook as opportunity to promote their work. For this reason, I wanted to shed some light, inspire, and inform fellow artists out there. On another note I wanted to keep this list "local", and take the old school route which does not include online avenues.

Noonie's "Think Outside of the Box" Art Promotion List
Fun tidbit: I compiled this list of places as I was waiting for my breakfast to arrive.

- Local colleges
- Local library
- Farmer's Markets
(artists rarely promote their work at Markets so it's an ideal place)
- Local Businesses:
restaurants, coffee shops, art supply stores
A local art supply store in Downtown Sacramento, Art Ellis, features different local artists' work in their window display, which changes monthly. They can't be the only local art supply store out there that would do sucha thing. I feel as if smaller businesses such as mom + pop shops would respond positively if the opportunity arose. But I do know of one Starbucks that features different artists' work every month, so it just goes to show you there is not set formula for promoting your work. 
- Your Street Corner
No I'm not kidding. But I guess it depends on where you live. I know it's a popular place for artists to promote their work in big or touristy cities such as Santa Cruz, Seattle, etc. So hey why not?

What I really adore about the idea of promoting one's work at these venues is that many of them won't take a commission if you do decide to sell your work, and if they do it's very little. I'm sure nothing compared to what a gallery would expect in commission.

Hoped this help shed some light and inspired at least a few of you to go out into your community and show them your work! Not everyone who enjoys art has the opportunity/time to go to a gallery, which makes these venues all the better. I know I'm always excited to see a local artists' work unexpectedly when I'm simply going out to run errands, or going out for a meal or cup of coffee. Let your artwork be that little spark of light in someone's day to day, it'll make both of you feel good! That I can promise :)

Until next time friends..cheers!!