17 January 2014

The Next Generation

I've often wondered if I'll ever have children, and then I wonder what I will do with them, what they will be like, will they be good people, will they be smart, will I like them, will, will will.....

But beyond my personal relation with the future I wonder what the next generation will be like, how they will change the world, how they will be different from us. I recognize that my generation is barely coming into maturity and we're not sure what is going to happen with us yet, but I still cannot help but wonder how to help the kids and what they're going to do next. Our generation is so different than the generation before us, growing up with the internet made a major impact on our lives and children today have so many more resources than we ever did I can only dream of the implications and pray they will be good ones.

Watching this TedX talk by Logan LaPlante, taught me that kids these days are intelligent, thoughtful, and brighter than I thought. When the resources are used well the possibilities are endless. This young man gives me hope for the next generation that they will be bright and thoughtful, hopefully more-so than we.

The young man above refers to Ken Robinson, so of course I had to watch his speech next. And what as speech it was! Children are so creative, so free, so full of life; and we adults kill that. We steer them towards learning skills to get a job rather than learning skills to be creative and enjoy their lives. Children are not interested in learning math, they're interested in learning dance, painting, singing, playing in nature, things like this. So why must we be so literal, why must we kill their dreams, why can't we simply support their desires and allow them to blossom on their own?
It is up to us to shape the lives of the next generation, so why not get up and make it happen?!

"All children are born an artist, the problem 
is to keep the artist as we grow up." 

Until we meet again...