19 January 2014

6 Seconds

Vine. No not that kind of Vine. The app Vine. Have ya heard of it? I'm typically not into watching videos online or posting videos for that matter, that was until I found this little gem of an app. What drew me to this app initially was that my favorite rapper/actor Dirt Nasty aka Simon Rex had an account and I wanted to see what the app was all about.

Initially I was somewhat shy to post videos of my own onto the app but after some time I got used to the idea and so it began. What I really love about Vine is that the videos can only be 6 second clips (that loop over and over) this lack of time really brings out the creativity in people and I love to see what people can do with such a short period of time. I also really like the way in which one can record their Vines by way of "tapping" their screen. Every time the screen is tapped it records, this makes it possible for users to create awesome stop motion videos!! One can also just hold the screen down to record a full 6 second video rather than creating small clips, this type of recording method is similar to that of Instagram.The creativity that can be found on Vine is endless, and there are so many different avenues one can take using Vine. Whether it's used to promote one's art work, or to create stop motion videos you'll find all kinds of interesting videos on there!

One of the first claymation videos I've ever made

One of my favorite Viners, a Mr. Tony Oswald, an Internet comedian, has created an epidemic on Vine with how he has chosen to use this format. He has two + accounts on Vine, one with his "actual" life and comedy and the other one which he goes by Tony Besides. His "Besides" account has inspired many Viners to create their own Besides account. What is a "Besides" account you ask?? Well according to Tony "everyone has a besides", and by that he means everyone has another side to themselves which is often not seen, at least that's how I understood it. Internal thoughts for example, or internal monologues seen from a 3rd person perspective is what you will find on these Besides accounts. A typical Besides Viner often records themselves doing day to day activities, by way of telling a story, their story. Not all that you see is actual real life, some Vines are staged, or just plain fiction, a fiction story that is; although not all stories are fiction or staged. A lot of Besides accounts hold strong truths that most do not share with the outside world. It's very interesting to watch these videos as some contain deep dark secrets, fears, etc. Very personal and deep. I am continuously surprised by how much people really do open on on this app, it's quite refreshing and interesting as you really get to know people from watching their Vines, and you really do end up bonding with some of them as their videos are very insightful and often contain pieces of their lives. It's like peeping into the window of a stranger's house seeing personal moments. And as I mentioned before there are some celebrities with Vine accounts, which makes it all the more interesting!

If you don't have Vine yet you can check out some of Tony Besides' videos here, although I'm not sure all of his most recent videos can be found at the link. (You're better off just downloading the app!) He recently has really steamed things up on his Besides account which had me on the edge of my seat for about 4 days. I highly suggest you check it out for yourself!

Stop motion video view of the bridge in 
Old Sacramento I recorded using Vine

^^This video clip is longer than 6 seconds as I combined
2 of my Vines into 1 video using Instagram.

There are people from all walks of life and from all over the world on this little app, it's quite amazing! I myself follow close to 400 Viners all from different parts of the world, and it's amazing all of the sights you get to see on Vine. Definitely not your average type of videos you'd find anywhere else on the web. Not only are there videos of sights and landmarks from all over the world but you can also see comedy videos, videos of nature, "magic" videos, the list goes on and on.

I highly suggest everyone check out this app at least once! The videos and possibilities are endless, and the creativity of the users of this 6 second video clip app will really blow you away!

For some reason I was unable to share my Vine videos on the blog before, but miraculously today I was able to post one!!! So be on the look out for more videos of mine to come!! :)

Until next time..Cheers!