22 December 2013

Warning: Do not read while hungry!

Tasted even better than it looks!

Tacos Taco Tacos who doesn't love 'im?! Especially authentic tacos! Typically when I make tacos I use ground beef for the meat, as I've always had ground beef tacos ever since I was a kid. Now when I told my amiga that she said "uh uh I've gotta show you how to make real tacos" or something along those lines. Of course I jumped right on board! She was at my doorstep a few days later, supplies in hand and this is where the fun began!

With time being so limited nowadays it's truly a convenience to pick up preseasoned fresh pieces of meat, and that is exactly what she did. Thinking back to it now I should've taken a photo of the packaging the meat came in, but ya live and ya learn right? Ha. Anywho she brought a nice piece of seasoned Carne Asada "Ranchero" which she picked up from a local Mexican store, white corn tortillas, some fresh limes, beets, avocado, pico de gallo, and of course some cilantro. I made us cocktails, and then It was time to get down.

Cheers friends!

We started out by throwing the meat in a pan, and while that cooked we prepared the rest of our ingredients. I should clarify though by "we" I mean she did, I was a mere witness to the magic lol. She got everything all prepared and even made us some home made guacamole, which was out of this world!! It didn't take much time to prepare the tacos and chips, and once everything was ready we started the "taco making" assembly line. I had never tried carne asada tacos before this night, let alone a taco with beets, lime, and cilantro but let me tell ya..I definitely will be having them again!!!

Chef Nita

Carne Asada 

Gettin it all ready!

Start of the guacamole

Doesn't get much better or fresher
than this!

Up close and personal
with the Pico

Everything about the dinner was delicious!!! From the freshly made guacamole, to the perfectly seasoned meat! I really liked the beets on the tacos too as they added that "crunch" which I loved! Everything was so full of flavor and fresh, and not only did it taste like heaven it looked super appetizing too!!!

Dinner is served!

Talk about a great night with great food and company! Life doesn't get much better than that! 

Until next time..Cheers!