02 August 2014

For the Love of Old Buildings

If you're a regular here on BSOM you'd know that I LOVE antiques from antique makeup to old photos. (If you haven't checked out my previous posts about antiques you can find them here + here + here) There's just something so mesmerizing to me about these old items which is what drives me to collect them. I often think about who owned the item before, what they were like + how lived it's all just so fascinating to me. What really gets me about old photos is that the people in these photos probably never thought that 100s of years from their lifetime would their photo be hanging in a strangers house, which is just so intriguing to me. 

I'm not only fascinated by antiques but also old buildings/areas of town. There's just so much history that can be seen in these old places it blows my mind to think about how many people have come + gone over the years. Sacramento has a ton of old areas/buildings that are still intact, the most well known area being Old Sacramento. Old Sac is cool to wander around but the areas that really intrigue me are the run down, sometimes boarded up buildings. I know these places aren't always going to be around, as it's only a matter of time before someone tears them down/remodels these old areas/buildings which is why I've decided I'd really like to preserve these places by way of photograph. Which is exactly what I've already begun to do! Snapped the above photo a few weeks back of this old building that sits along some railroad tracks. My guess would be it's an old train station because of where it's located. But I just loved the eeriness of this building especially how it looked at night. 

Plan of Action: Gather a list of all of the older parts of town + get my camera ready! :) 

Can't wait to share more shots with ya! :) 

Until next time friends...Cheers!! 

<3 Noonie