17 August 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things | Edition 1

Doesn't the mere title of this post make you think of that song from The Sound of Music? It does me. Whenever I read it the song just starts playing in my head...

"Rain drops on roses, and whiskers on kittens...
brown paper packages tied up with strings
 these are a few of my favorite things." 

Well I bet if that song didn't pop into your head when you read the title it will now. You're welcome. :) "A Few of My Favorite Things" is going to be a regular deal here on BSOM. As the title implies these posts will be all about my favorite things of the week, from favorite quotes that I found, to new favorite paintings I may have discovered that week, etc. My inspiration for starting this new series of posts was the blog A Beautiful Mess. If you're a regular here on BSOM you'd know Nelli + I LOVE the blog ABM! There's just so many awesome quality posts to be found on there, it's full of inspiration! ABM's writers regularly write about their favorite things of the week + I liked the idea so much I knew it was something I wanted to start doing. I mean hell I'm constantly finding new artists/paintings/quotes that I like anyways, may as well share them with you all our readers :)

Here are a few of my favorite things from this week... 


"Boy Blue" | Acrylic Paint | Created by yours truly

I instantly fell in love with this quote that I randomly found on the net as I couldn't agree with it more! It got me thinking about this one movie (I can't recall the title of it for the life of me!) I watched I while back that talked about how artists have historically always been rebellious in nature with their art. Whether they did works that went against the majority's political stances or if they incorporated symbols into their works that showed their "rebellious" stance in a more subtle way (think back to the  days of Kings + Queens when everybody had to love whoever was in power + didn't dare speak a bad word about them even if they were corrupt leaders).


Title: The Colombian Based
Artist: Fernando Botero

I happened to find this painting by way of Instagram. I follow this one Instagram account called "Great Paintings" which features great paintings from both the past, as well as more present day works. I truly enjoy art history + great paintings in general so you can see why this is one of my favorite Insta accounts to follow. Seeing these awesome works of art is just so inspiring to me! I think the subject of the painting (the voluptuous woman) + the colors that compose this piece is what really caught my attention. I like how the woman's facial features are somewhat skewed as they are very small in comparison to the rest of her figure. I thought the artist did a spectacular job capturing this character + I really admire the way he painted the fabrics in the piece. I myself have always struggled with rendering fabrics, so it always fascinates me when I see fabrics rendered so well like the ones in this piece.


I've had these candle holders for a while, but up until my recent bedroom move (details to come) I didn't have a place to put them where they could really capture any sunlight. Now that I've got a sunnier window sill these bad boys have been lighting up my room with little lights of rainbows that are projected off of the clear crystals of the candle holders. I don't know what it is about these little light rainbows that make me so giddy, but they do. :)



G-Eazy. Yep he's my favorite guy of the week, or should I say my crush of the week? I mean come on, just look at him. 


I shared the recipe for it almost a year ago (man how time flies!) but I have just recently updated the post with a few minor recipe tweaks that have made an already delicious recipe even better! I hadn't made this yummy meal in a few months but have been craving it + it was every bit as delicious as I knew it would be, ah meatloaf satisfaction. As with the recipe I shared with ya before I served it alongside some mashed potatoes + corn, because if something ain't broken, then don't fix it. 

And on that note, I hope you enjoyed my first installment of AFOMFT!
 Be on the look out for another post of AFOMFT coming next week!

Until next time friends...Cheers!!!

<3 Noonie