29 August 2014

Artist State of Mind: Russell Willis |Abstract Expressionist Painter|

I'm so so excited to introduce you to a very talented Abstract Expressionist painter by the name of Russell Willis who also happens to be a Sacramento based artist! In fact he's the very first Sacramento based artist to be featured here on BSOM! Pretty damn cool right? I thought so. :) I discovered Russ's work by way of Instagram + I immediately loved his unique style + the bright palette he paints with. Definitely eye catching work! 

Enjoy the show! :)

Meet Russell!

Current City: Sacramento....Cali

BSOM: What artist do you feel has influenced or inspired you the most?

RW: William De Kooning and Jean Michel Basquiat...oh and never forget.

BSOM: What types of art do you prefer?

RW: I love things that push the art form. Art that moves you and you feel something.

BSOM: When you first began creating art, what medium did you experiment with first?

RW: Spray paint but I haven't used that in a while. It's about the brush nowadays :)

BSOM: What is your favorite medium to use + why?

RW: Painting in acrylic is what I've been working with and it's what I enjoy.

BSOM: What creative medium would you love to pursue but haven't yet? 

RW: I want to work on some 3d projects...and maybe film.

BSOM: How long have you been consciously creating art?

RW: For maybe 7 years...but I feel I'm getting into a grove.

The man behind the art!

BSOM: Are you a self taught artist or did someone show you the ropes?

RW: Self taught...but I do learn from the greats...they left huge shoes to fill.

BSOM: Do you have any other creative outlets?

RW: I write a little music. Check out soundcloud.com/colorbully

BSOM: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

RW: I draw inspiration from life and beautiful and ugly things.

BSOM: Have you ever suffered from artist block? If so how did you get past it? 

RW: No because I give myself breaks to recharge the energy.

BSOM: Does your art shape you? Or do you shape your art? (just want to hear your opinion)

RW: Yes it shapes me. It helps me grow mentally and spiritually.

BSOM: Do you create art more for yourself or for others to enjoy?

RW: I like to paint for all to enjoy. One day I hope they all will.

BSOM: Is there a purpose to your artwork?

RW: I paint to release trapped energy.

BSOM: What's your favorite subject matter?

RW: The human body and how can I make it abstract for fun.

BSOM: Are you currently working on any projects? If not, do you have anything in mind for your next piece?

RW: I have this large yellow painting of humans abstracted. I'll post it on Instagram soon.

BSOM: Have you sold any pieces, or would you be willing to sell any pieces?

RW: I sell work regularly.

BSOM: Do you have a favorite experience as an artist?

RW:  Just growing each time the brush touches the canvas.

Artist in action!

BSOM: Do you have a favorite art gallery?

RW: Gallery 2110, The Urban Hive, The Crocker, The Brickhouse...all in Sacramento CA.

BSOM: Do you have a favorite art blog you'd like to shout out?

RW: Shout out to BSOM...many blessings to them.

BSOM: Which social network has been the most successful for promoting your art?

RW: Instagram is great for promoting art.

BSOM: If you could see any piece, that you haven't seen before, in person which piece would it be?

RW: Guernica by Pablo Picasso.

BSOM: If you could only look at one piece of art for the rest of your life, what piece would it be?

RW: Woman by God....he stunted when he made her :)

BSOM: If you could meet any artist from any period of time who would it be? What would you ask them?

RW: God....the greatest artist of all time. I would ask him for life advice lol.

BSOM: Any advice for fellow artists?

Follow you dreams :)"-RW

Check out the links below to see even more of this talented artist's work!

Website: ColorBully.com

Twitter: @ColorBully

Instagram: @DatDudeRus

SoundCloud: ColorBully

                                                         Email: datduderus@yahoo.com

BIG thanks + shout out to Rus for his contribution to BSOM!!

Until next time friends...Cheers!!!

<3 Noonie