28 July 2014

Roasted Beet + Blueberry Scones

I set out on a mission to make blueberry scones and on the search for a new recipe I came upon these Roasted Beet Scones by Smart Cookie. I modified the recipe to make it vegan, sweet, + add blueberries. The results were scrumptious little breakfast scones for me :)


1. Roast the beets: Slice into quadrants, place in a tin foil house with salt + water for 1 hour at 400'
2. Once cooled, Slice the beets into little bite sized pieces (i made mine a little smaller than the blueberries)
3. Prep the chia egg - 1 tbsp chia 3 tbsp water
4. In a large bowl thoroughly mix together dry ingredients
5. Mix in / Cut in oil: I used 3 tbsp coconut + 3 tbsp olive oil but you could use any combination. You'll know you're done when the mixture is crumbly.
6. Mix in wet ingredients (egg, honey, milk), stir until well combined
7. Place in fridge for 10-30 minutes to let dough absorb some of the water (not necessary step)
8. Stir in beets + blueberries
9. Place dough on parchment paper lined cookie sheet
10. Shape
- Triangles: roll the dough into a ball, press flat until its about 1" thick + slice
- Squares: repeat like triangles but cut into squares
- Lumps: spoon onto cookie sheet (like I did)
11. Bake at 400 for 15-18 minutes

Yield: 16 scones
Tips: Depending how much fruit/veggie you want in the dough may vary. I would slowly add the fruit into the dough and if you want more bread decrease the quantity of fruit.