16 November 2014

Nelli + Noonie's Downtown Sac Adventures


Nelli + I got to hang the other day for the first time since she's been back in Cali Cali! First stop on our venture around Downtown Sacramento? A coffee shop of course! We met at the ever bustling coffee shop Weatherstone. It's literally always busy + crowded with people + for good reason! The coffee is top notch, it's nestled in a cozy part of town, the atmosphere+ space are lovely; the walls filled with art created by local artists, there's plenty of nice outdoor seating on their back patio, + how could I forget to mention the building itself?! I forgot to take a picture of it, but found this one online.

 It's a brick beauty...

Anywho Nelli ordered some sort of Soy Macchiato + because it sounded interesting + I wanted to try something new, I had one as well + I wasn't disappointed! Even with no sugar in it (a cardinal sin in my book lol) the coffee was delicious! It was so smooth + creamy + didn't have that usual bitter taste that coffee has if it's lacking sugar. Needless to say I was impressed. 

Once we got our caffeine fix on we decided to hoof it to the Capitol. Neither of us had been there in a while, but it's one of our favorite places to go people watching. On our way there I captured a few shots of some really cool street art. I mean what street art isn't My favorite piece we saw was the black + white gypsy lady (pictured @ top)! But this box was pretty cool too....

There were quite a few of these "CapitolBoxArt" pieces all over Downtown, each of them bearing different works of art. Later when I got home that day I checked out the website that's on all of the boxes + I was pretty impressed with what I read, but we'll save that story for another day. ;)

After a good people watching session at the Capitol we headed back to the car to go onto enjoy the rest of our day which included relaxing in Nelli's mom's backyard (it was finally warm that day) + dinner Downtown at Low Brau, a German restaurant. They serve all kinds of different sausages, sandwiches, beers, + a little something called Duck fries, which they are known for! I had a chicken/tomato/garlic sausage on a sweet roll topped with caramelized onions + the house relish. Pardon my French, but it was so. fucking. good. Yeah like that

After dinner we walked to this little chocolate shop called Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates. I had never been there before, but I tried a coco truffle + it was quite heavenly. Quite. Lol. Definitely a great way to end a fun day! 

Thanks for the lovely time Nelli! <3

Until next time friends....Cheers!!

<3 Noonie