29 November 2014

50 Benefits of My Life

Thank you for all this goodness, please bring me more.
Find the things that bring you joy.

I have been quite in-tune with The Secret (aka Laws of Attraction) as of late, and today is no exception. I got lost in the world of YouTube watching Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Oprah, + the lot of Secret speakers. These people are so wonderful to spread the word + inspire the rest of us to not get stuck in the 'what is' + rather live for what we want, how we want it, and who we want it with.

Since moving to San Francisco, I've been all over the board trying to seek my life's purpose. And while I've had some good days + some bad, overall I am getting back into my jive + deciding what I want for my life.
*You will be able to read through my steps today + in the future as I take them and figure out this life*

As recommended by the Secret Speakers, we need to start planning our futures by appreciating the past + present. The best way to do this is to begin by making a list of what you are grateful for in your current life.

1. I'm breathing
2. The good experiences
3. The bad experiences, they have proven to offer valuable lessons to my development
4. My parents
5. My GWTW obsession
6. The ability to travel both near + far
7. Going to Grad School + getting my Masters Degree
8. Working with companies who have taught me about the industry + life
9. Having the money to do what I want when I want to
10. Red hair
11. The spirit to live
12. Love of Life
13. The opportunity to hear other people's stories
14. Friends
15. Wine + Food
16. Travel
17. Boyfriend
18. Ability to bake
19. Ability to speak
20. Beauty in simplicity
21. Learning
22. Absorbing
23. Roof over my head
24. Food to eat
25. Ability to sew
26. Ability to create
27. Water
28. Nature
29. Laughter
30. Smiles
31. Coconut Milk
32. Jacqueline of all trades, I can do anything I decide to
33. Ability to read
34. Writing
35. This Blog
36. Lofty Ideas
37. Daydreaming
38. Energy
39. Listening to other speak about the secret
40. No limitations
41. My stories to share
42. Being touched by others
43. Leaving an imprint on other (hopefully)
44. Helping others through tough times + helping them realize their talents
45. Cheer
46. Forgiveness
47. Knowledge
48. My Smile
49. Noonie's Friendship
50. The future

I challenge all of you to make a list of your own. When I started this list I just stared at the computer completely puzzled at what I would write, but by the time I got to #20 I was on a roll. I got stuck again around #40, but I simply took a break and though about what I love and enjoy thinking about. What brings a smile to my face about myself?

I hope you do the same + share it with the world in whatever capacity that means to you!