13 November 2014

Advice to Our Former Selves

The other day I was exploring new blogs when I came across Kyla Roma (who by the way, is one of my absolute favorites!) + specifically her blog post Notes to My Younger Self. As she concludes she asks the readers "What advice would you give to your younger self?" Advice which I have amply taken.
In addition Noonie + I have been wanting to collaborate on more blog posts so this seemed like a supreme place to start!


.  .  .

Be your own best friend.
Love should make you feel good.
Keep in touch.
Cut out the negativity.
Set Goals.

Stay focused.
You're stronger than you even know, be confident in this.
Follow your heart + dreams, no matter anyones' opinion.
Be open to change + accept change, even if you think it sucks at time. Most of the time change is just a blessing in disguise.