20 July 2014

Essen in Berlin | Food Excursions

I didn't take photos of all of my meals but here are a few snippets of the highlights.

Der Imbiss | Curry Lentil Soup + Dirty Naan | Pretzberg

This was my first meal in Berlin, and I'd have to say my favorite. The food was ridiculously flavorful. For people who don't like salt I wouldn't recommend the dirty naan, also, this plate was easily enough food for 2 people so keep that in mind when ordering. The portions are reasonably priced and huge! 

Markthalle Neun | Wine, Cheesecake, Sausage, ... | Kreuzberg

Markthalle is a large warehouse busting with a variety of food and beverages. Be sure to walk around before you choose your lunch spot as many of the vendors provide samples. We enjoyed a slice of  cheesecake and 2 glasses of wine. Both were delicious and it's nice to walk around the space before making a decision. 

Kantine Neun | Unsere Currywurst | Kreuzberg

Kantine Neun is located inside of Markthalle Neun, it's the largest vendor so you definitely cannot miss it. They offer locally grown and sustainably raised dishes. We went with the Currywurst (yes made from pork) it was delicious; juicy, flavorful, and knowing it's local just makes it taste better. It came with salad and fries and was 8€ which I think was a great price! Typically I'm not a fan of fries, but these were fantastic! I still only ate a handful but if you're a fry lover you'll be in heaven.

Weinerei Cafe | Wine | Mitte

This cafe has wonderful pastries and soups during the day, and a "pay what you wish" potluck type food option for dinner. I didn't partake in the dinner but it looked fine. I did however have a slice of cake and some wine and was in heaven! If they have carrot cake when you arrive definitely grab a slice, the owner let me know it was their specialty. 
I found this spot because I was looking for a cozy wine bar with couches and a nice ambiance. I had passed it my first day but didn't go back until the last night. And for those of you who desire outdoor seating they have that too.

Rothaus | Veal Spatzel Special + Weiner mit Potato Salad + Chocolate Apple Crepe | Mitte

Unfortunately I didn't snag a photo of the food at this joint, but this was the most "traditional" faire I had in Germany. Definitely a tie for my favorite restaurant in Berlin. Der Imbiss was fantastic but on the other end of the spectrum from this joint. The food was comforting and flavorful everything was balance perfectly and the beer and ambiance was great too. I was on the hunt for Spatzel throughout the trip and this was a spinach Spatzel which I'd never had before, but I was impressed. Great place for a quiet/hip dinner. The staff was wonderful and spoke English too!

Lissabonbon | Pretzel | Kreuzberg

My partner in crime was Portuguese so when we wandered past this bistro we had to stop in so he could check out the goods and make friends with the owner. As they were getting to know each other I snagged one of her hommade pretzels. Everything in this place is fresh baked by the owner. She also offers fresh soups, other lunch items, as well as Portuguese products including sardines! 

Overall, the food in Berlin was spectacular! If you're in town do yourself a favor and avoid the touristy places and chain restaurants (but this is my recommendation for any city). Berlin is thriving, just ask a local, do a quick yelp or google search, or wander around and get lost. I'm certain you'll find a good place to eat. My favorite neighborhoods for this were Mitte + Kreuzberg (as you may have noticed from the offerings I've provided you).

If you try any of these we would love to hear about it!