18 July 2014


Lately I've been wanting to create some more mixed media pieces of art. I shared one of my first mixed media pieces + a DIY a few months back + ever since I've been scheming up more possible mixed media combos to try including the one I'm about to show ya :) For this next piece I decided on a combo of watercolor + Prisma markers. I hadn't created a piece utilizing markers in a while + since I had a brand new pack of Prismas I thought I'd give it a shot. One goal I had in mind for this piece was that I wanted it to have a very "textured" look. I have created some animal pieces in the past but this was the first piece where I really wanted to be sure to capture the texture of the owl's feathers. Very happy with how this piece turned out as I accomplished what I set out to do, I captured the textured look I was going for but still managed to keep it somewhat loose and abstract. Really love the feel of this piece including the somewhat chaotic background that's going on, it kind of sucks you in but doesn't overpower the main subject of the piece. 

I'm very happy with how the watercolor + marker combo turned out + can't wait to utilize these 2 again! 

Until next time friends...Cheers!!

<3 Noonie