25 July 2014

Pour Some Sugar on Me

The Domino sugar factory in Brooklyn held one last exhibit before it closed for good (well before it will be converted into luxury housing like every inch of open space in cities these days.... But I digress). This show was Creative Time by Kara Walker in which a woman created sculptures out of sugar. Not only was this exhibit clever, but it was intense. The sculptures were mostly of young children who worked in the sugar fields, they carried large baskets on their backs or held tools to aid with the daily work. These sculptures were made of brown sugar and were beginning to melt in the humid environment that is NYC, which added both dimension and scent to the show. It was emotional to see these children melting into the concrete, their bodies dripping limb by limb until they were nothing more than a caramelized metal heap sitting in a pool of brown sludge; sticking to the feet of any and all viewers.
The smell was bad, if you can imagine "bad sugar packets" that is what I would call the stench. The first few minutes were fine but after 10, 20, 30 minutes it became unbearable.

Any-who, here are a few shots I took today.