13 July 2014

Gone Fishin'

Last month I told you all about my little adventure to the mountains, got out of dodge + went fishing. Well my boyfriend Carl aka The Fisherman, didn't catch anything on that particular trip, which was our motivation to take another trip up there to see if we'd have any better luck. Which we did! As my fisherman told me "if you're not catchin anything you're not fishin you're sittin", so I guess technically this particular fishing trip was my first "official" time fishing. I should clarify I wasn't the one fishing as I don't have a license just yet, but the fisherman did and boy were those poles stayin busy!

Here fishy fishy...

I'm not sure of the rules in other states but around these parts there is a 5 limit rule on the fish you catch + take home. The first 4 trout we caught were "pannies", that's pan sized fish for all you nonfishers out there. According to the fisherman pannies are the best tasting. After we caught the first 4 we didn't get any bites for about 3 hours, so we thought we'd throw in the towel + go home + enjoy the fish we did catch for din din. Just as the fisherman was reeling in his line to leave he felt a big tug. A strong tug. Which could only mean one thing, he'd caught himself a bigon! It was quite the sight to see him fighting this fish, it was not going down easily (or should I say up? Ha). After about 5 minutes of fightin' the damn thing he got it on shore, + right as he did the line snapped! The fisherman grabbed that big boy up real quick before he could get away, + the fish started hissing! Never in my life have I heard a fish make a noise like that, hell I didn't know they could make that noise! I guess he was just super pissed at getting caught! According to the fisherman this particular fish was about 12 years old, he had survived that long without getting caught so I can see why he was so pissed! Talk about a good day of fishin' for us though!

Catches of the day

After we got back the fisherman proceeded to gut + clean the fish, which was yet another first for me. I don't do blood well so I sat out on this part of the venture but once they were all cleaned up we froze the big boy + decided to eat the pannies for dinner.

Although I love fish + any type of seafood I haven't prepared + cooked much of either. But of course the fisherman had + he showed me the way! And I in turn wanted to share this recipe with you! He's been perfecting this recipe over the years + once you try it you can definitely tell as it's super delicious!  Here we go....!

Carl The Fisherman's Trout Recipe

Whatcha Need:

* Sesame Seed Oil
* Siracha 
* Lemon Juice 
* S + P 
* Mushrooms + Bell Peppers

How To:

* Grab your cleaned trout, and slice a side of it open. This is where all the goodies are going to go. 

* Squeeze some lemon juice onto the meat, then drizzle some sesame seed oil. Next add your Siracha, I personally don't do spicy food so I just put a tiny sliver of Siracha along the spine of the fish I was eating. Dash a little S+P, and now it's time to stuff the fish.

* Add the mushrooms + bell peppers, drizzle some sesame seed oil on top and this bad boy is ready to be wrapped in foil + thrown onto the BBQ. 

* The thickness of the fish will determine BBQ time, the pannies we caught were on the BBQ for about 20 minutes or so. 

As you can see we served our Trout alongside some roasted asparagus which was topped with Sesame Seed oil + Parmesan cheese before being thrown in the oven. We also had white rice on the side which we mixed some terikayki sauce + veggies in, super delicious!! 

Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!! You may have noticed we only cooked the pannies for this dinner, so be on the look out for yet another delicious trout recipe to come!! 

Until next time friends....Cheers!! 

<3 Noonie