08 July 2014

Kaffee in Berlin

Berlin Coffee, like food, is up to par with NYC quality and prices. Coffee is a "hip" commodity and all the coffee shops have gourmet pastries. This meant I had to try something at each! Also, if you're vegan or dairy free Berlin has soy offerings for you. I'm not, but I like to switch back and forth between milk and soy. Coffee was good, and pastries were better!

The Barn | Flat White + Scone + Flapjack | Mitte

As I conducted my coffee research The Barn continuously popped up, and luckily it was located only a few blocks from my hostel. Keeping with my love of Flat Whites I snagged one here. I also grabbed a flapjack for breakfast which is equivalent to a hommade granola bar beware these are filling! My friend grabbed a raisin scone which was the perfect consistency! 

Espresso Ambulanz | Soy Macchiato | Mitte

This little place has a nice ambiance and the barista was very sweet. With your drink every patron gets a little treat. Mine was a little brownie.

Zeit Fur Brot | Soy Cortado + Laugencroissant | Mitte

I'd been reading about laugencroissants for weeks and couldn't wait to try one! Zeit Fur Brot was "the bakery" to have them at, so when I Rome.... This treat was delicious!!!!!! 1/2 croissant 1/2 pretzel I was in complete heaven with 2 of my favorite baked goods in one! My friend got a chocolate pastry which was equally as delicious. The coffee here was not my preferred, but then again they are a bakery and known for their baked goods which (again) are fantastic!

Koffain | Soy Gaelo | Kreuzberg

This drink is similar to a Cortado only in a taller glass. I had to try it as I'd never heard of it before. 

Five Elephants | Soy Cortado + Cheesecake | Kreuzberg

OMG one of the best cheesecakes I have ever had! Coffee was very good as well, but it's hard to focus on coffee with cheesecake this good!
In and outdoor seating and a cute little place. The owner was sweet and even made a special drink for my pal.

Cafe a | Soy Cappuccino + Blueberry Scone | Mitte

The cappuccino and pastry here were both good quality, however, nothing that  stands out in my mind. They do have other offerings including fresh fruits.

Einstein Coffee | Cortado | Everywhere - German Starbucks

This coffee did not warrant a photo, coffee was good for an "on the run" cup of joe, similar to a Starbucks. Avoid it if you can, but if you need your "fix" they will do the job.