01 August 2013

Art Art Art

Weeping Willows
Medium: Oil Pastel
Style: (Loose, abstract)
My main passion/hobby is...you got it..ART! It's my therapy, my relaxation, and my go to when I have some free time. When I'm working on a piece my mind is just completely clear of any thoughts focused just on the task at hand which is why I enjoy it so much. I've always been into art ever since I was a kid, but didn't really put any effort into my talent until my late teen years and I've been on the wagon since. Life has been pretty hectic lately so I decided to run away to my child hood home out here in the country, and I've been loving every minute of it. I needed to get away from the city and my problems and the country has completely relaxed my soul which has lead to..lots more art!! I can't remember the last time I've done so much art in such a small period of time but I've been lovin' it! I've definitely been through my fair share of artist block moments..but the country just offers so much subject matter..every where I look I see a painting just waiting to be done. I've spent a lot of time out here growing up, but never truly appreciated it's tranquility/art filled views until of course I moved to the city. Now that I'm back out here after an 8 year hiatus I'm taking full advantage of it! I've spent more time sitting by the pond sketching than I ever did when I lived out here, the views are just breath taking and you can't beat beautiful subject matter just a step outside the door. I've used oil pastels in the past but I typically don't use oil pastels or water colors so it's been an experiment of sorts, but I've really enjoyed these two mediums especially the water color.

Pond Life
Medium: Oil Pastel
Style: (Quick, loose, abstract)

Today I'm going to go out on the property and find some more scenes waiting to be painted. My step dad has about 10 acres out here, so the options are limitless! It's just nice to be back out here soaking up the country life and painting it too!

Silhouette Sunset (work in progress)
Medium: Oil Pastel
Style: Loose, Abstract

 I also enjoy painting pictures I randomly find online, Instagram is filled with these art inspiring pictures; my cousin for instance is on her Honeymoon in Italy and has been posting lovely pictures from her trip! I decided to do a water color of one of her photos, Nelli also has lovely pictures on her Instagram just waiting to be painted! I do love her photos of buildings and different NYC scenes some of which I have sketched. My new favorite subject matter other than these country scenes have been buildings and structures so I've been doing quite a few of those as well, although I'm still trying to perfect my technique with angles and such.

Piece of Italy
Medium: Water Color
Style: Abstract-ish

Random little building sketches..inspired by Nelli's Instagram Photos
Practicing angles and such

On another note today I discovered the Google Art project! This awesome gallery features up close pictures of famous paintings such as Starry Night, so you can really see the painting in all of it's detailed glory! Pretty awesome project as it gives you an up close and personal view of these famous paintings right as if you're standing right in front of them! I've had a chance to see some actual Van Gogh's when there was a show at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco a few years back, and that was quite the rush!! As you can probably tell Van Gogh is my all time favorite artist and it was a truly awesome life experience to get to see his actual paintings just a mere few feet away. As these paintings are usually in Europe it was a very rare showing and I'm so glad I got to experience it. The first chance I get I'm hopin' on a plane to Europe as it's on my bucket list to go to the actual Van Gogh Museum that's located in Amsterdam.

                                                    Check out the Google Art Project!

Man I'm good at going off on tangents! But on a closing note, you can find art waiting to happen any where you look, sometimes you have to look harder than others but it's out there waiting to inspire you.

   Seize the day!