25 August 2013

The Salk Institute

Since I had begun studying architecture Louis Kahn has been one of my favorite architects. As such, The Salk has been on my "must see" list for years, and I was finally able to view it!

While on my hiatus in San Diego, my friend and I took the drive up to La Jolla, CA and boy was it worth it! 
Our first stop that morning was Bird Rock Cafe, and the best coffee I'd had while on vacation. Our second stop was the Salk. Photos do a pretty good job of representing the space and character, but the emotions and emergence of space cannot be achieved through photograph. The space itself is breathtaking, even on a cloudy California day. The marriage of concrete and wood is one of my favorite, and the stream running through the space adds an element of peace, harmony, and intrigue (not to mention fun photo ops!)

If you're ever in San Diego I definitely recommend stopping by, you won't be disappointed, plus.... It's free!

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