07 August 2013

And the sun shines on the baayy..Weekend in SF!

Endless lights of the city/View from Clinton's pad

Day time view

Nelli and I have both been on the prowl for adventures this past weekend, although not adventuring together we both began our adventures on Saturday. Mine adventure is as follows, and I'm sure Nelli's tale won't be far behind. So much good stuff!

My adventure started Saturday afternoon as I headed to San Francisco for the weekend to visit a friend. I have been to SF numerous times in my life but never have I made the trip SOLO, which I decided to do. I'll admit I was quite nervous about my first big trip alone to the city, mostly because driving in the city can be super stressful! I know my way around okay, but alas I was venturing outside of my normal routes without a co-pilot/navigator thank God for GPS! I honestly don't know how people made it around before such convenient technology was created. I know maps were the thing, but damn!

Any who one thing I do love about Sacramento is it's convenient location! We here in Sac are about 2 hours away from some pretty awesome cities such as SF, and Reno. Winter time brings snow only 2 hours away, and summer time brings trips to the ocean which is also only 2 hours way, you just can't beat it!

I made it to SF around 6:00, the drive was not bad at all (I only got road rage once!) and I actually really enjoyed my solo road trip there. My first night in the city was a pretty laid back one, me and my "brotha from another motha" enjoyed a quiet night in sipping wine and enjoying a board game. It was my first time vising his home as he had recently moved to the area known as Glen Park. It's a super cute, quiet neighborhood and it offered such beautiful views of the city and..lots of places to park!

 We got all rested up and woke up early, Clinton being the awesome host he is, made a big breakfast for us and we were out the door! His roomie also joined us as we trekked across the infamous Golden Gate bridge, it was my first time driving on it although I've enjoyed the views of it from afar. We decided to head to Muir Woods, as everyone else apparently had done so as well, the place was packed but we got lucky enough to find a parking spot. We went hiking along the trails for a few hours, and then decided to hit up the beach!

Chef Clinton
Breakfast of Champs!

View from our hike in Muir Woods
"Redwood Creek Trail"

Stinson Beach was only 10 miles or so away so we headed in that direction along the windy road. The sun was shining by this time, and of course the beach was packed but we manged to find a secluded spot and we set up shop! I went on a little treasure hunt trying to find pieces of drift wood to use for a little art project I have in mind. I was also on the hunt for some good rocks to do some painting on, found plenty of project supplies and then decided to do a little art! Found myself the perfect rock to use as a "table" of sorts and got started on my ocean inspired water color, I was really happy with out it turned out.

Stinson Beach in 6 seconds

Stinson Beach
Medium: Water color

After we got our fill of the ocean we decided to head back into the city to get freshened up for our next adventure..dinner in the city! We decided to take BART & the Muni to dinner, and boy was that a tale of it's own. I've never used bay area public transportation although I do highly admire it as it's so vast compared to the public transportation here in Sacramento. We hopped onto BART, and away we went! I'm sure after traveling on BART many times people adjust to it, but I definitely did not enjoy it one bit. The ride was shaky and loud but it got us to our destination quick and pretty inexpensively and hey beats driving at night! (Which I hate to do) We arrived in Castro an infamous part of SF, as it is home to a huge gay community filled with gay clubs, bars, etc. Visiting Castro was another first for me, as it was a Sunday evening many businesses were closed, but we found a burger joint and got our grub on! 


After din din we decided to hit up a bar that my friend regularly goes to. We sat outside enjoying our drinks and b.s.ing the night away of course with a random drunky coming to talk to us once in a while. I'm not much of a drinker and stuck to one Midori Sour. After the bar we decided to head back home, were we wound down from the long day. I'm sure Nelli would agree city people don't mess around with their walking!! If you go to any major city just check out everyone's calves, more times than not those suckers are huge from all of that walking they do! I was pretty beat after such a long day and passed out hard that night! 

Woke up late Monday morning and enjoyed one last meal with my friend, before it was back to reality for both of us. He headed to work, and I began my journey back home. It was a super nice and relaxing drive home, and I took a route back that I've never gone before. It was really cool to see some new sights, and I even found a few small towns (Locke & Walnut Grove) on my way back that aren't far from here that I'd like to go explore!

All in all it was a great trip with many firsts and new sights to see. That's one thing I do love about SF is that no matter how many times you go there's always something you haven't seen before. It's a vast beautiful city and I really feel blessed to live so close to it. Although I don't think I'm "built" to live in the city I can't wait to visit it again! I'm hoping to go again in a few weeks for some more exploring, next time I think we're going to do a little more adventuring within the city limits and I can't wait!

Until next time <3

"If you're going to San Francisco
                                               Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair"