30 August 2013

Gettin' Crafty with Driftwood + Twine..Art Project!

Stinson Beach
I'll be the first to admit I'm one of those "start a project, get it 1/2 way done and forget about it for a while" type person, which is yet another reason why I decided to contribute to this blog. I needed some accountability for my projects to be sure I started and finished them in a reasonable amount of time, and it has helped!! Otherwise this next project I'm about to show you would probably still be sitting on my desk 1/2 finished so cheers to this blog for it's accountability & motivation. :)

Anyways this project all began when I was shopping at Big Lots for a few little odds & ends to complete the dining room decor. I found the cutest piece made out of worn wood strung together to look like a fish. It was simple and I knew it would make a great statement to go along with my ocean themed dining room. Being that it was so simple looking I thought to myself, why spend money on something I could just make myself? I knew it would have more value to me if I did make it myself, and hell I do LOVE a good ol' art project! So this is where the fun really begins.

Driftwood Haven!
I knew I wanted authentic pieces of drift wood to create my little fish and so the last time I got a chance to go to Stinson beach I went driftwood huntin', and of course found plenty of good little pieces. Once I had my driftwood, I headed to Michael's to pick up some twine. Found a roll of twine for $6 bucks, which was the only expense needed for this entire project. I also have a ton of it left over..art projects waiting to happen! ;)
Roll o' Twine

Once I had all of my supplies gathered it was time for the fun part..assembling the fish! I learned the hard way as to where to do this project and started it on my living room table which of course was a huge mess waiting to happen. I would suggest working on this project outside as it does get messy, especially if you end up needing to cut some pieces of driftwood to make them fit better.

Playing with the form
I began by setting out the sticks in the order I wanted to, played with the placement a while to get that perfect fish shape I was looking for then started wrapping & tying the pieces of driftwood one at a time. I recommend cutting a long piece of twine rather than keeping it attached to the roll when working with it. At first I tried just wrapping the driftwood with the twine but course that didn't work so be sure to tie each piece before moving on to the next. I had some issues with the twine getting too tight and messing with the driftwood placement so be sure to pull on the end tight when tying the pieces together to ensure this doesn't happen and that your fish comes out straight.

As I mentioned above you may have to cut some pieces to get them to fit better, and this was the case for me. Luckily my boyfriend had a dremel tool around which I had never used before, but it was easy to use and got me that one last piece I needed to complete the fish.

Before Dremel
The tail was too long &
I  needed an extra piece of driftwood
After Dremel
A dremel tool, this sucker came in handy!
1/2 way complete mark
TA DA!! The final product!

I sure did have a good ol' time with this art project and definitely plan on making some more of these guys in the future for friends and maybe for myself hehe. I'm so happy with the turn out of this art project and it just goes to show you, you don't always have to buy home decor when you can just make it yourself.

Hangin' in the dining room.
I have a few updates about the Sun Printing as well as another new hobby but those will have to wait.                                                                                  
                                                                 Until next time! Cheers!