15 August 2013

Monterey, CA In Memory Of

In Memory of Taleen
R.I.P. 6/8/13

So my pops decided to take my brothers and I on a little weekend get away to Monterey. We chose to specifically go to Monterey as it was my dad's late wife's favorite ocean side town and we wanted to go in her memory. We took off Friday morning and spent the night over in Salinas which is about 20 minutes outside of Monterey. That night for dinner we went to Chili's, another favorite of my dad's late wife. We sat and enjoyed our dinner and reminisced about memories of her, which was really nice. After din din we hit up the movies and saw "We're the Millers", which was hilarious! The preview really didn't do the movie justice at all, hell even my conservative dad liked it which is saying somethin'.

We called it a night after that and woke up early Saturday morning to hit Monterey's beaches. As we got into Monterey our first stop was to this little Cafe that was just across the street from the ocean, I can't recall the name of it but the food was good and the view was even better. Our batteries were charged and it was off to San Carlos Beach, which was was the best beach we found around that area. There was all kinds of activity going on at San Carlos, with kayakers and people learning how to scuba dive. My youngest brother and I had a blast playing in the water looking for shells, which we found few of.

After we left San Carlos we walked around the downtown area of Monterey and the infamous "Cannery Row" which was full of people and awesome shops. After a few more stops to a couple more beaches the boys decided it was time for shopping (and yes it was the boys!). We hit up the Del Monte Center, a huge outside mall that wasn't far from downtown Monterey. It is equivalent to the Downtown Plaza that's located here in Sacramento, combined with the Roseville Galleria, so it was super nice. After a long day we hit up some Chipotle and after some ice cream called it a night.

The Infamous Cannery Row
San Carlos Beach


Back to our Salinas motel for the night we once again woke up early and decided to hit up San Francisco on our way home. It was a nice half way point for the trek home as we stopped by the Pier 39 Wharf. After the city we finished the journey home and back to reality.

Robot Dancin' Guys..Classic Wharf Entertainment

 I felt super spoiled to get the opportunity to go to the ocean two weekends in a row! But it was also nice to get back home, to my own bed, and of course my boo and dog kids.

My dog kids <3

I may be going to the ocean once again this weekend with my boo..but this time I'm going so we can fly some RC slope gliders and boy will that be an adventure in itself.

Until next time..cheers!