03 August 2013

For Love of Coffee

Time after time I try to change my daily ritual. Wake up, shower, eat breakfast, coffee.
Over the years I've read all of the health benefits of tea and have spent years trying to convert. Each time it's a struggle, but after a few weeks I'm set in my new ways. The issue is that somehow coffee always makes it's way back into the routine, it's something about the deliciously smooth brown liquid in all it's bursting flavor. There is nothing better than waking up to freshly brewed coffee. 

I have not thrown my hands up in defeat though. I believe I have found a happy balance switching between coffee and tea, yet it remains that the mornings begun with a fresh brew turn out to be more exciting.

Photo: Cortado from Queens Kickshaw

Addendum: My Vacation in San Diego has brought me a cappuccino-a-day (which is typically a once a week treat for me) below are some of my favorites.

Photo: Mexi-Mocha from Cafe Calibria

Photo: Cappuccino from Bird Rock

Photo: Cappuccino from Village 631