30 June 2014

Back @ it!

You might've noticed a lack of art related posts here on BSOM. I've not only been on a blog hiatus but an art hiatus as well. A scattered brain will do that to ya I guess. Things are somewhat starting to settle down in my life which has partially helped me get my mind right. I've been trying to get back to blogging + creating + have had some success getting back on the wagon. Wanted to share one of my newest artistic ventures...my first stippling piece! (Fancy word for a piece made up of a bunch of dots). 

I've been wanting to try this technique for a while now, but didn't think I possessed the patience. I guess sometimes we can surprise ourselves ;) I wanted to challenge myself artistically + that's exactly what I did + why I decided to finally buckle down + test my patience by creating this piece. 

Up close + personal

Be on the look out for more of my newest pieces to come! 

Until next time friends...Cheers!

<3 Noonie