09 June 2014

Inspiration Salad

Over the years I've done a few different cleanses to fix this or improve that within my body. My most recent cleanse was eating raw fruits and veggies. One unknown consequence was seeking out new plant products that I've never tried or never cooked with. This particular shopping trip resulted in: golden beets, Tuscan kale, and porcini mushrooms. I made a delicious salad with a simple dressing of lemon juice.
If you choose to go raw you have many more options than just eating the veggie plain. Another of my favorite raw meals is cucumber rounds with a scoop of avocado and a slice of tomato or onion on top. It's also cute and the combination helps me keep variety in the flavor profile. 

1. Clean and tear kale, place in bowl and squeeze fresh lemon juice on it. 
2. Using your hands massage te kale.
3. Add all other salad ingredients and mix.
4. Serve

Tips: Orange or any other citrus fruit is also a great alternative for salad dressing.

Let us know if you go raw, or try a cleanse. We would love to hear about your experience.