28 June 2014

Zagreb Coffee Scene

Before I went to Zagreb I had done a bunch of research on food, wine, coffee like I do in almost every city I go to, however, this time I was completely shocked at how popular and great coffee was! Zagreb has a huge coffee scene and almost everywhere I went had fantastic coffee. Unless you're at Starbucks you really cannot go wrong here and they have something for everyone. Not to mention the coffee is dirt cheap! On average a cappuccino is 10 kunas = $1.50.
A tip I have for anyone traveling to Zagreb is to order a "Caffe with Milk" not a cappuccino or latte. This drink is what all the locals have and is equivalent to a flat white. Don't make the mistake and think it's American coffee with milk. 
Additionally, remember that Croats smoke indoors and coffee shops are full of smokers so if you're not up for the fumes opt for outdoor seating.


Museum of Broken Relationship | Macchiato

This was my very first coffee in Croatia and as such it holds a special place on my heart. Outdoor seating on a quiet square. It's in the upper town so you have a view of the city, and if you're there at noon you will hear the cannon that goes off every day. So don't be frightened when it does.

Compliments of Italy EU Day | Coffee with Milk | Italy Booth

When I left the Museum coffee shop I wandered around the upper town when I heard loud music and people; naturally I followed the sounds and stumbled upon the EU Day festival. In a square each country had a booth and they were all giving out goodies. German - Beer, Switzerland - Chocolate, Italy Cappuccinos. And while I didn't need another coffee I couldn't pass up a free cappuccino!

Kavanica | Caffe with Milk

The girls at the hostel informed me that "Caffe with Milk" is what all the locals drink. So I switched from my macchiatos and cappuccinos to this, and boy am I happy I did! Creamy, frothy, warm.... I'm foaming at the mouth just reminiscing. As I previously mentioned these little guys are equivalent to a "flat white" or a "small latte" but once you have one you won't go back! Kavanica has booth indoor and outdoor seating, today I got stuck outside as the indoor was full; I ended up here at "coffee hour" aka mid afternoon.

Oliver Twist Pub | Caffe with Milk

Not someone I would have chosen for coffee but my friend and I were looking for somewhere to sit and relax and she'd never been here and the glass enclosure sold me. Coffee was good, they had TVs and beers for the guys, and ashtrays for my lady friend. 

Booksa | Cappuccino

Booksa was a nice place to hang out and a different vibe than the other coffee shops around. This place is a book club so you're relaxing on couches in a library setting. Upon arrival the staff might give you flack about joining the club as the coffee and amenities are intended for members. But I told her I was from the USA and she said "it's ok" but if you're a local I can imagine this being an issue. If you're a non-smoker this indoor joint doesn't allow smoking, and they have nice extras like honey, cinnamon, and coco powder to sprinkle on top of your liquid treat. They're self service so be sure to pick up after yourself.

Eli's Caffe  | Maroccino (Macchiato with Chocolate)

Eli's is the only coffee shop in town that roasts it's own beans. I learned this through an hour long conversation we had with the owner. He's a champion roaster and espresso artist. Upon entering you'll notice the decor of this place isn't like any other in Zagreb, it feels posh as if you were on the Upper East Side of Manhattan stopping by on your 5th Ave shopping spree. The drinks are 1-2 kunas more than the other places but the quality is superb, and they have their own custom made plates, cups, and glasses. The owner is friendly if you get the pleasure to meet him. We opted for a drink I had never heard of a Maroccino, typically when traveling I go for something I've never heard of before. This little treat was delicious! Espresso, milk, chocolate how can you go wrong with that?!

Velvet | Caffe with Milk

Down a long cute alleyway you will find this trendy looking coffee shop. They have gourmet cakes and some croissants, also with every drink you get a little cookie. A few kuna's more than the other places but the space is cute.

Golf | Coffee with Milk

This joint was based on the recommendation of a local. Two stories with a skylight and located in between buildings so it's not easy to find. Coffee was up to par with the rest of the city.