10 June 2014

Museum of Broken Relationships

The Museum of the Broken Relationship is unlike any museum you've previously experienced, and unique to Zagreb. It's located in the upper city near the bell tower, you can't miss it. But if you do a friendly local can point you in the right direction. The price isn't bad, 20 kuna (I believe) which translates to about $4 or so.
I went on this adventure with my new friend Sanja. She is a local but had never been, and since we had spent the day discussing relationships we figured it was the perfect time! Our mission was to read every story, and between the both of us I think we did. 
So the premise of this museum is that people send in a short writing blurb describing their story as well as a physical item that had an emotional attachment to them. Often the story explains both the relationship and the item, but sometimes only one or the other. These stories were touching, heart breaking, sad, happy, everything in between. Not all of the stories were about a love interest, some discussed relationships with parents, friends, and children. These stories are sent in from people around the world, and if you can separate yourself from the emotional aspect it's somewhat comforting to know that people all over the world have the same feelings. We all hurt, we all experience joy, and we can become stronger because of it.

If you spend a day in Zagreb, this is a definite must!

The images below show a few of the items and stories that are featured. Not necessarily my favorite stories but how can you choose just 1?