20 June 2014

| Cemented Noonie |

Decided to take a trip out to the country a couple of weeks ago, back to my childhood home. It's always somewhat of a surreal feeling being back in my old bedroom, nostalgia running high. I've had the nickname Noonie ever since I can remember (although my stepbrother now calls me Midnight because I've gotten older lol), and it's ingrained around these parts. 

I believe I was 11 or 12 years old when my stepdad decided he was going to pour some cement out on the back patio. Once it was laid and still wet us kids we're given the OK to go write our names (and our dog's name)  in the freshly poured cement. My brother and I were of course thrilled. All these years later our names are still there, just as if they were put there yesterday. Life is funny like that.

Another one of my favorite childhood memories that lives on out at my childhood home are our old Christmas trees. My mom always liked to have the house decorated for Christmas before my birthday came along on December 8th, so at the beginning of every December the family and I would go to a local Christmas tree farm and go chop down our Christmas tree to bring home. Once the holidays were over we (well mom) would go plant the tree out in the driveway. This has led to a little flock of Christmas trees all planted along the driveway. It's been really cool watching them grow taller over the years, and it's really cool to know that they will probably be there for many for years to come. 

Until next time friends...Cheers!! 

<3 Noonie