06 May 2014



A few months back I wrote about one of my favorite poets, Charles Bukowski. Like I said in my previous post he's definitely a darker character, but like I say life ain't all about rainbows + unicorns, so bring it on. Wanted to share another one of my favorite poems of his, which can be found in his book "Dangling in the Tournefortia".

best was the time we were driving along after not seeing
each other for some time.
you had asked to see me, you wanted to be driven somewhere.
your car had been stolen. no, it wasn't that: it was the
carburetor or you needed a tune-up. anyhow, we drove along
and stopped at a signal on Los Feliz, and your hair was
all combed out and you said, "I'm with Paul now."
I laughed. I hadn't laughed that well for months, in years.
then I checked myself: was it a purposeful laugh to annoy
you? or was it just relief?
so I checked inside and found it hadn't been defensive:
it just felt good to clean everything up. so
we ran your errand and went someplace to eat, and I suggested
that the pre-meal drink be to Paul who had no idea of what
was coming to him, and you said that he had no idea of
what you were getting away from, so we
drank to that. then we had another drink with no toast.
I always liked your hair combed out like that and you always
knew just were to put the ribbon.

meeting is more exciting than parting but parting is
important if you want to stay alive in a certain way.
never again will I see all of your beauty sleeping, wide-
legged, immune to me: we've all been cheated.

Good stuff.

Until next time friends....Cheers!!

<3 Noonie