30 May 2014

Bauhaus Archive

If I haven't mentioned it before, I work as an architect and as you may have noticed from my photos I'm a bit of an architecture junkie. So when I found out that the Bauhaus had an archive in Berlin I knew I couldn't pass that up!

I happened to be in Berlin on May 18, which was "international museum day" as well as having my student ID card (which you should never never get rid of) this got me into the exhibit for a whopping 4€ quite a steal if you ask me.
While "no photography was permitted" my rebel self snuck a few shots of my favorite pieces. 
The exhibit was broken up into 3 sections: furniture + industrial design, art, + architecture. It was fascinating to read about their philosophy + methodology on teaching art as my precious knowledge on the Bauhaus pertained to their role in shaping modern architecture.

My cohort for this exhibit continuously commenting on how the products  "looked like ikea," + while I couldn't help but agree, I had to explain to him that ikea got most of their designs from them. The Bauhaus produced simple clean designs often based on the mindset of "form follows function." Plus, good designs are copied in every sector of our modern world. 

If you happen to be in Berlin I think the Baihaus archive is a nice museum to visit. It's not the most vast collection you'll find, but it is good solid work and different from what you'll find in other cities. 
Living in NYC + traveling has allowed me the opportunity to experience many museums, so now when I travel I'm often on the hunt for an exhibit that is unique to the region. I no longer want to see Greek + Roman art. I've had my fill, studied it, find it to be beautiful but my life thrives on variety and this exhibit provided that.

Until we meet again,