11 December 2014

Life, Love, Travel + Prosperity

Hey folks!

As you may have noticed Noonie + I have been slacking lately, but its because we're both forging our way through this world as strong independent ladies!

As for me, I've been trying to find my passions + what it is that drives me to more (and of course change the world!).
I spent the evening in Sausalito last night at the Sister Cities holiday party!
The Not-for-profit program is run by 6 women, and a plethora of other women who are involved as volunteers, organizers, and advocates.
It was amazing to be around their energy. These women are so successful, powerful, and accomplished that you cannot help but leave them full of energy and dreams for your future!

I have been completely re-charged and inspired to strive for my next mission in life, to forge my path, support other women, + do good in this life.

As I look for my City Planning career path I am reminded of the elaborate list of other goals I have to accomplish including:
Supporting Women
Research + Writing
Getting Involved
Inspiring Others
Food Systems
Preservation of Resources + Structures

I am so grateful to have a sudo-aunt who believes in me, who supports me, and who is taking me under her wing to teach me all of the traits necessary for my adventures. 
I am grateful for all the women who came before me, who lead the way for me to be anything I want to be, to pursue my passions, and to offer advice along the way.

We need to stand up, and stand together, and never underestimate the power of unity!

I love you all!

Be Strong, Be Powerful, + Have Fun Doing It!