22 December 2014

Urban State of Mind | Jeremy's Journeys

San Francisco
I've had a blast this past year putting together features for all of you fine folks to enjoy! They've given me the opportunity to meet new people + to get to know those I do know a little better. The later is the case with today's feature!

Allow me to introduce to you....Jeremy! He is in fact Nelli's boo, but Nelli wanted me to be the one who interviewed him because:
1) She wanted us to get to know each other more intimately
2) I'm the 'feature lady' at BSOM. 
So, Jer + I came together to bring you this lovely Urban Feature all about his worldwide travels!

Meet Jeremy!

Current City: San Francisco

BSOM: What are all of the places you've traveled to?
JJ: London, Rome, Florence, Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Lisbon, Zurich
NYC, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, New Orleans, Nashville, Louisville, Austin, Marfa TX, Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Cincinnati (+ many more smaller places)

BSOM: Which location was the hardest to adapt to? 
JJ: Brussels, its a very strange city. Essentially a old city wrapped by a 20th century urban city. Also, a political center for the whole of Europe.

BSOM: What was the biggest culture shock that you experienced?
JJ: It wasn't as much of a shock since I knew before I got there but I would say it was the openness with regard to sexuality, after all I grew up in a conservative christian household.

BSOM: What was your favorite culture to experience?
JJ: The Spanish culture! Its the way that they live life, although I visited at a time when they were at the peak of economic ruin, everyone lived life to the fullest. 

BSOM: Which city and/or country was your favorite + why?
JJ: Barcelona, same reasons as above. The city itself has a charm, one of the first modern planned cities, it grew up around the history and culture of a ancient port city and expanded into modernity with some of the most interesting figures of the era crafting the city. See Cerda plan for Barcelona.

BSOM: What was your best experience in another country?
JJ: Randomly meeting people in the squares around Europe. I would head out to the square with a bottle of wine and just people watch, soon I was meeting other travelers and ended up getting dragged around the city meeting some of the most interesting people along the way.

BSOM: Which location had the friendliest people/locals? Meanest?
JJ: Friendliest, would be Barcelona or Lisbon. The meanest? Well its not that they were mean just cold with their interaction. That would be the Dutch, more in Rotterdam than in Amsterdam though.

BSOM: Which country had the best food? Worst?
JJ: Barcelona (best) Rotterdam (worst)

BSOM: Any sketchy experiences while traveling?
JJ: Never, always felt super safe. There was always people around enjoying life.

BSOM: What was your typical mode of transportation in these countries/cities?
JJ: Trains, Buses, + Other forms of Public Transportation

BSOM: What is one piece of advice you'd give someone who was traveling to a different country?
JJ: Don't spend your time in another country staring at a guide book. Do your homework before you get there, once you are there put the guide book away and just enjoy. 

BSOM: If you could live in any country, other than the U.S., where would you want to live?
JJ: London

BSOM: One place you'd love to visit but haven't yet?
JJ: Tokyo



Nelli + Jeremy <3

BIG thanks and shout out to Jer for his contribution to this blog!!

Until next time friends...Cheers!!! 
<3 Noonie

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