18 December 2014

Noonie's | Paint Splattered Ornaments |

I first learned how to make paint splattered ornaments when I was in 6th grade, but hadn't made once since, that is up until last year. I meant to share this DIY tutorial then, but alas I ran out of time + had to make them quickly so I took no pictures! This year I made sure I'd have enough time + I'm so excited to finally share this fun, easy to do project!


* Clear ornaments 
I got mine from Michael's for 50% off! They're made of plastic which I like because I know they won't break on me, but glass will work fine too! 

* Acrylic Paint 
The smaller bottles of paint works best for this project because it's thinner than the Basic brand paint, but you can definitely mix + match! 

* Glitter, optional 
But is it really?! Lol 

* Glass Jar/Soda Can...Whatever you use just be sure it's something you don't care about getting ruined! It needs to have a small enough opening on it so ornament won't fall through. Be resourceful! 

* Ribbon/Yarn/Something to tie on to the ornament hoop for hanging

* Cup of water

How to: 

* Remove top + squirt a little bit of paint into the ornament

* Add glitter + 2-3 drops of water depending on paint thickness 
Don't want it too thin or all of the paint will run out! 

* Tape the top of ornament + get to swirlin', shakin' + rollin' to ensure 
paint covers the entire inside of the ornament

* Remove tape + place ornament upside down in your can or jar 
so the excess paint can run out 

* It's crucial to keep an eye out on your ornaments as they dry! You will need to move them around now and again to make sure the paint dries evenly on all sides.

Drying time is what takes the longest about this project especially with the wet weather here! May take up to 5-7 days before paint will be fully dry. Be patient + don't make the mistake I did last year + use a blow dryer as the plastic will definitely warp!! Since I've never tried glass I'm not sure how the hot air will affect it.

* Once dry place topper back on

* Cut a small piece of ribbon + tie onto hoop for hanging

* Enjoy your creation!

These beautiful unique ornaments are so easy to make + really make great gifts! I'd really like to make a whole tree of these someday as well as experiment with using glass ornaments rather than plastic, maybe next year! 

Happy crafting friends! Cheers! 

❤️ Noonie 

P.S. We'd love to see your paint splattered ornaments!! Shoot us a picture: bicoastalstateofmind@gmail.com ❤️