08 December 2013

Socrates Sculpture Park

The past few weeks I have been pre-occupied with finals, work, school, life, what I'm going to do when I graduate, and a whole host of other problems.... Which provided all the more reason to take a mini-break today and go for a walk!
I live in Astoria, which is well known for its waterfront parks (albeit few people in Astoria actually live on the water) and while I've been to Astoria Park a number of time I had yet to experience Socrates Sculpture Park.
The walk was about 30 minutes, on the way I stopped by a Greek Coffee shop I had been meaning to try which was as delicious and homemade as I had hoped. It was a bit more chilly than I had hoped, but it was beautifully brisk and I got some great views, photos, and art!

The tipped over speaker below was playing music too!

Hope you enjoy the photos.