15 December 2013

Top of the monrin' to ya

300+ years of goodness!

(Well afternoon really) Either way hot tea is good anytime of the day. I typically drink about 1-2 cups of hot tea daily, depending on what's going on that day, and who is around that day. When my mom is over visiting we tend to drink a lot of hot tea, no matter if it's the middle of summer or during the winter, that kettle is boilin'. It could be the Arab in me that fuels my love of hot tea, as we Arabs loovee our hot tea, especially Sage tea also known as Maramia. But I'll get back to that in a minute, for now let's talk about my love affair with Earl Grey.

There are so many brands of teas out there nowadays, all making the same type of tea but each with their own unique recipe. I've tried many different brands but my all time favorite Earl Grey producer is "Twinings" as it tastes the best in my opinion. But you don't have to take my word for it as according to the Twinings Earl Grey box......

I mean you just can't get any better than the original Earl Grey!

So back to Maramia..I've been drinking this Arab favorite ever since I was a kid, but had no idea that this type of tea had so many health benefits to it until I decided to write this blog! Ha. You can read about some of the health benefits here, I usually buy mine from a local Mediterranean store. We would always drink Maramia tea with our breakfasts with dad, or paired along with a dessert it's definitely tied for my favorite type of hot tea.

In case you were wondering
this is what it looks like.

Until next time..cheers!!

What's your favorite type of tea and tea producer?